Rethink & Remix Recommended Reads

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Rethink & Remix Recommended Reads by Mind Map: Rethink & Remix Recommended Reads

1. What is this tool?

1.1. Knowledge Mapping

1.2. OuiShare Open Source

2. What is Rethink & Remix?

3. Distributed Leadership

3.1. Cut the bullshit: Organizations with no hierarchy don't exist

3.2. Bye Bye Management!

3.2.1. Video

3.3. How decisions are made in a distributed organisation

4. The Future of Work

4.1. Hedging the Future of Work

4.2. American workers are unengaged and looking elsewhere

4.3. Four principles for an open world

4.4. The great AI awakening

5. Building and Nurturing Communities

5.1. The Community Canvas Framework

5.2. Teams solve problems faster when they are cognitively diverse

6. Knowledge Sharing and Stigmergy

6.1. Knowledge change is NOT a technology problem

6.2. Collaborative overload

6.3. Managing your mission-critical knowledge

6.4. Introduction to Collaborative Knowledge Mapping

7. Growth and Innovation

7.1. The five levers of exponential growth

8. Organisation Design

8.1. The Three Structures of an Organisation

8.2. The Role of Networks in Organisational Change

8.3. Communicate Clearly During Organisational Change

9. Networked Organisations

9.1. How I got myself into a networked organisation

9.2. How decisions are made in a distributed organisation

9.3. Collaborative overload