Children's Aid Society: London and Middlesex

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Children's Aid Society: London and Middlesex by Mind Map: Children's Aid Society:  London and Middlesex

1. What Services are provided?

1.1. Protecting Children and Strengthening Families

1.1.1. CAS is required by law to intervene when a child under 16 has been threatened, harmed or neglected physically, emotionally or sexually.

1.1.2. We know that children are better off growing up in their family home and we try to keep families together wherever possible. We work with families and provide counselling and support services to create safer homes.

1.2. Foster care

1.2.1. When parents cannot safely care for their child, CAS may seek a court order to place the child in the care of other relatives, friends, a foster home, or in a residence managed by another community agency.

1.2.2. Placements are usually short-term and most children return home when their family situation gets improves.

1.3. Adoption

1.3.1. Some children are unable to return home and need a permanent placement. Adoption is a legal process through which a child becomes part of a few family.

2. How are Services Accessed?

2.1. Concerned about a child at risk? Call 519 455-5000

2.2. Can I make a referral to CAS anonymously?

2.2.1. All calls to CAS are taken seriously regardless of whether you provide your name or not

2.2.2. Providing your name, however, allows for the protection worker investigating the matter to be able to clarify information with you and helps to verify the concerns

2.2.3. It is important to know that you can call CAS and consult a protection worker without identifying the family you are concerned about

2.3. When should I call CAS?

2.3.1. If a person has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or might be in need of protection, they must promptly report the suspicion to CAS

2.3.2. If a person has made a previous report about a child and suspects that a child is or might be in need of protection again, that person must make a further report to CAS

2.3.3. The person must make the report directly to CAS and must not rely on anyone else to report

2.4. How do I go about becoming a foster parent (care provider)?

2.4.1. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent (care provider), or have questions about how you might begin the process to become a foster family, contact us at 519 455 9000 extension 2777 or email us at [email protected]

3. Visions and Goals

3.1. Vision

3.1.1. "Safe Children....Bright Futures"

3.2. Mission

3.2.1. To promote the well-being of children, families and communities.

3.2.2. To protect and care for children at risk.

3.3. Goals

3.3.1. To have all children thrive within a safe, stable and loving family environment: Children experience a sense of belonging with meaningful relationships Children experience stability Families have the abilities, resources and support to nurture and protect their children

3.3.2. That Children served by the CAS reach their full potential: Children will gain the appropriate knowledge, skills, training and attitudes to achieve meaningful employment and healthy relationships as adults

3.3.3. That society as a whole is actively engaged in taking responsibility for the well-being of children: Communities, governments and other agencies are working collaboratively to promote the best interests, protection and well-being of children Communities, governments and other agencies are addressing root causes of child maltreatment and family breakdown

4. Adressing Equity, Inclusion, and awareness of cultural diversity

4.1. creating an inclusive workplace for employees from five different categories: women; visible minorities; persons with disabilities; Indigenous peoples; and individuals identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)

4.2. continue to examine and change where necessary, practice in order to get better outcomes for the families, youth and children they serve."

4.3. staff understand the importance of diversity in the work that they do, and are committed to serving all children and families with equity.

4.4. As an organization, they are committed to being a leader within their field in all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion

4.5. commitment to reflect the diversity of the communities and stakeholders they serve in all levels of the organization

4.6. Client service and relationship improvement initiatives with Muslim and African/Caribbean communities

4.7. Initiatives for youth in care including cultural educational and historic travel opportunities, partnerships with community groups to support Black fathers

4.8. Led the sector over 20 years ago by permitting same sex couples to become foster and adoptive parents

4.9. Celebration and recognition of significant cultural events including Black History Month, Pride Day, LGBTIQ Awards, Chinese Lunar New Year.

4.10. Numerous training sessions on anti-oppression topics including; Anti- Oppressive Practice, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Harassment, the Ontario Human Rights Code, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Recruitment and Selection

4.11. CAS is a designated French service Agency and is required to provide services in both English and French

4.12. CAS respects and is culturally sersitive of the many diverse communities they work with. They work collaboratively with community partners to ensure they meet the needs of families and use translators and interpreters to assist with communication whenever necessary.

5. Other Information

5.1. Helpful links to our community, government and other partners:

5.1.1. Child Welfare League of Canada Home Page Panel (en) | CWLC/LBEC

5.1.2. Foster Parent Society of Ontario Foster Parents Society of Ontario – The dedicated voice of foster families in Ontario

5.1.3. Ministry of children and Youth Services Ministry of Children and Youth Services / Ministère des services à l'enfance et à la jeunesse

5.1.4. Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies