IELTS Essay Problem/Solution

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IELTS Essay Problem/Solution by Mind Map: IELTS Essay Problem/Solution

1. A good example of this [is ...] / [would be ....].

2. There is no doubt / [It is undeniable] that [...] has become an essential part of our life. However ...

3. Explanations

3.1. It is common these days for [smb] to [do smth], rather than [do smth else].

3.2. What I mean by this is that [...]. / That is to say, [...].

4. [These days] Nowadays, it is becoming more and more / [increasingly] popular/ [common]... to [do smth].

5. Example

5.1. Take [sbd/smth] as an example

5.2. It can be best examplified by ... (noun)

6. Introduction

6.1. 1. General thought about the subject (theme rephrazed)

6.1.1. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular to [do smth].

6.1.2. Over the last decades/years [smth] has become an increasingly debatable issue.

6.1.3. One of the widely discussed issues nowadays is [...].

6.2. 2. Support of the 1st sentence

6.2.1. These days, [governments] are very aware, that the issue of [obesity] needs to be tackled urgently.

6.2.2. In my country, the problem is becoming worse and worse, and it is important to take steps to make [teaching] more [attractive].

6.2.3. There is no doubt that...

6.2.4. For many people, especially ...

6.3. 3. Identify the task and tell the reader your plan

6.3.1. This problem has clear / [certain] reasons and in this essay will look at the main causes of the problem and propose some solutions.

7. Conclusion

7.1. 1 sentence conclusion

7.1.1. To sum up / All things considered / In conclusion, there is no doubt that [obesity] is an increasingly worrying issue, affecting both [children and adults].

7.1.2. To sum up, [...] is a serious problem, and unless we [do smth], [smth/smb] will start to suffer.

7.2. Summary main points (diff. vocabular)

7.2.1. In my view / [As I see it] the main responsibility for solving the problem lies with [...], [...] and [...].

7.2.2. There is a serious problem, which could lead to [...].

7.2.3. As I see it, [governments, parents and schools] all have a role to play in tackling the problem.

7.3. Finishing touch / Personal opinion

7.3.1. Actions must be taken urgently, otherwise our [society] will face even greater [health] problem in the future.

7.3.2. [Governments] must take steps to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

8. Body

8.1. Reason

8.1.1. Let's begin by looking at the first / [main] reason of ...

8.1.2. One of the main reasons of/that [...] is that [...] instead of [...].

8.1.3. Another cause of [smth] is that [...]. In other words ...

8.2. Solutions

8.2.1. The solution is for [smb] to do [...].

8.2.2. To address this issue, [smb] could [do smth]. / To tackle this problem, [smb] should ...

8.2.3. Dealing with this issue involves [].

8.2.4. Finally, [smth] is the third important factor of ...