Levels of Police in Canada

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Levels of Police in Canada by Mind Map: Levels of Police in Canada


2. Provincial

2.1. Jurisdiction in rural areas and around cities, as well as on all major highways.

2.2. Elsewhere, the RCMP act as Provincial Police

2.3. Protect government officials.

2.4. OPP

3. Federal

3.1. Enforcing Federal Laws in Canada

3.2. Can Be Found in Other Levels of Policing

3.3. In every province but Ontario and Quebec

4. Aboriginal

4.1. An agreement between the other levels of police, and the aboriginal people, about how they should be policed.

4.2. Apply specific laws to Aboriginals.

4.3. You can find them on Native reserves.

4.4. Six Nations Police

5. Municipal

5.1. Funded by the city/town.

5.2. Jurisdiction only within town or city limits.

5.3. Prevent crimes, and enforce laws.

5.4. Toronto Municipal Police