Subordinate clauses

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Subordinate clauses by Mind Map: Subordinate clauses

1. I hurried so as not to miss the bus.

2. In negative sentences, it is usually used in order not to / so not to

3. Purpose

3.1. To+infinitivo

3.1.1. I went to the university to talk to one of my teachers.

3.2. In order to i

3.2.1. - I went to the university in order to talk to one of my so as to teachers.

3.3. so that+ can(n+t)/will (won't)

3.3.1. I’ll buy a ball so that we can play football.

3.4. would(n't)/could(n't)

3.4.1. I bought a ball so that we could play football

3.5. For + noun / -ing form

3.5.1. A knife is used for cutting

3.6. In case + present

3.6.1. We will buy an extra ticket in case Martin wants to join us (lo compramos antes por si Martin luego decide venir).

3.7. In case + past

3.7.1. We will buy an extra ticket if Martin wants to join us (esperamos a que Martin nos diga que va a venir y luego compramos la entrada).

4. Result

5. Time

5.1. As I was walking down the street, I saw

5.1.1. - I’ll phone you when I know the answer

5.2. When / as = cuando my ex-boyfriend

5.3. While = mientras (que)

5.3.1. While I was watching TV, the telephone rang.

5.4. As soon as = tan

5.4.1. I’ll phone you as soon as I know the answer.

5.5. Until = hasta (que)

5.5.1. We were waiting until she arrived

6. Contrast

6.1. Although / even though / though = aunque In spite of / Despite = a pesar de


6.2.1. Although he didn’t have money, he bought the most expensive car.


6.3.1. In spite of not having money, he bought the most expensive car.

6.3.2. Despite the rain, we went out for a walk.

6.4. While y whereas = mientras que

6.4.1. He is lively and easygoing whereas his sister is rather shy

6.5. But = pero

6.6. However, nevertheless, yet = no

6.6.1. She didn’t want to have more children.


7.1. It is such a big city (that) I always get lost.


8.1. The ticket for the concert was so expensive (that) we couldn’t buy it.

9. As a result / therefore = again in September.

9.1. I failed my English test. Therefore, I took it again in September.

10. So = así que

10.1. she was ill so she couldn't take the exam.

11. In English there are different conjunctions and adverbs that indicate reason, purpose, result of something, time, contrast.

12. The subordinate clauses are those formed by a main clause, a subordinate conjunction and a dependent clause.

13. Reason

13.1. Because: por que

13.1.1. BECAUSE+CLAUSE We moved to another city because my father got a new job.

13.2. Because of

13.2.1. BECAUSE OF+NOUN We moved to another city, because of my fathers new job.

13.3. As-since: como, puesto que

13.3.1. As it your birthday, I'll lend you my best clothes

13.4. Due to, owing to: debido a