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Booth Course Map by Mind Map: Booth Course Map
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Booth Course Map

Map created by Diana Zink, Chicago Booth Class of 2014. ; The information for the map was extracted manually from the course catalog:  . All courses are grouped by departments and the color coding and icons signify concentration courses  (as listed here: ). The house icon means a course serves as a foundation course, while the book marks a foundation course replacement option. The number two means the course is listed under more than one department/grouping on this map. When you click on a course you should see its description and requirements in the notes box. You can create a copy of this map to mark courses you like and create a branch with your course choices. UPDATES: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, MARKETING, MACROECONOMICS/INTERNATIONAL DATE: 06/12/12 . The rest is current as of 5/5/11 so if you see a course is missing or added in the main catalog, let me know. Updates in progress Happy course planning! CAVEATS:  Most courses have multiple lecturers and each lecturer may have his/her own description. For most of these, I copied the first description listed, and the first professor on display, so, please, refer to the course catalog for up-to-date information and additional details before making your decisions.

Marketing Management

37000 Marketing Strategy

37101 Consumer Behavior

37103 Data-Driven Marketing

37104 Economics and Demographics of Marketing

37106 Marketing Research

37201 Developing New Products and Services

37202 Pricing Strategies

37203 Integrated Brand Communications (2011NOT2012)

37205 Going to Market: Managing Channel Strategy

37301 Digital Marketing Strategy

37303 Marketing of Services

37601 Marketing Workshop

37701 Laboratory in New Product and Strategy Development I


Financial Management

34101 Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity

35000 Investments

35001 Introductory Finance;

35100 Financial Instruments;

35101 Futures, Forwards, Options & Swaps: Theory and Practice

35120 Portfolio Management

35122 Hedge Fund Investing

35130 Fixed Income Asset Pricing;

35131 Financial Engineering: Cases in Financial Risk Management

35132 Financial Engineering: Mathematical Models of Option Pricing and their Estimation

35150 Advanced Investments;

35151 Empirical Asset Pricing (2011NOT2012)

35152 Structured Finance and Insurance

35200 Corporation Finance

35201 Cases in Financial Management:

35202 Financial Markets and Institutions

35205 Cases in Corporate Control and Governance

35206 Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

35210 International Corporate Finance

35211 The Analytics of Financial Crises

35215 Behavioral and Institutional Finance

35301 Derivatives (LAW) (2011NOT2012)

35302 Federal Regulation of Securities (LAW) (2011NOT2012)

35303 Investment Management (LAW) (2011NOT2012)

35600 Seminar: Finance

35601 Applied Theory Workshop

35901, 35902, 35904

Financial Accounting

30000 Financial Accounting

30001 Managerial Accounting

30116 Accounting & Financial Analysis I

30117 Accounting & Financial Analysis II

30118 Taxes and Business Strategy

30130 Financial Statement Analysis

30600 Workshop in Accounting Research

Decision Sciences

38002 Managerial Decision Making

30001 Managerial Accounting

36106 Managerial Decision Modeling

36600 Workshop in Operations/Management Science

36104 Tools for Business Analysis: Excel and Matlab


41000 Business Statistics

41100 Applied Regression Analysis

41201 Information Management and Data Mining for Business

41202 Analysis of Financial Time Series

41203 Financial Econometrics

41301 Statistical Insight into Marketing, Consulting & Entrepreneurship

41600 Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium

41901, 41902, 41903, 41910, 41911, 41912, 41913, and 41914


33001 Microeconomics

33002 Accelerated Microeconomics

33032 Managing the Workplace

33101 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis

33221 Economics and Policy in the Telecom, Media and Technology Industries

33301 Management, Unions, and Collective Bargaining

33305 The Firm and the Non-Market Environment

33306 Antitrust and Industrial Organization (2011NOT2012)

33311 Govt Reg and the Employment Relationship

33610 Applied Economics Workshop

33670 Workshop on the Economics and Biodemography of Aging

33031, 33102, 33111, Econ 30100, Econ 30200 ?


42001 Competitive Strategy

39001 Strategy and Structure: Markets and Organizations

42002 Business Policy

42102 The Strategy Symposium

42108 Corporate Governance

42110 Strategic Investment Decisions

42114 Strategy Development

42120 Innovation in Energy Markets and Opportunities in Renewable Energy

42116 Game Theory

42121 Merger & Acquisition Strategy

42201 The Legal Infrastructure of Business

42203 Advanced Contracts: Sales, a Practice Oriented Approach (LAW)

42701 Strategy Lab

Leadership/Management/Org Behaviour

38001 Managing in Organizations

39002 Network Structures of Effective Management

38003 Power and Influence in Organizations

33032 Managing the Workplace

38002 Managerial Decision Making

38103 Strategies and Processes of Negotiation

38110 The Practice of Leadership in Business

38111 Theories of Leadership

38114 A Guide to Business Ethics

38118 Effective Management of Groups and Teams

38601 Workshop in Behavioral Science

31702 Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) Lab II


40000 Operations Management: Business Process Fundamentals

40101 Supply Chain Strategy & Practice

Operations Strategy & Performance Analysis

40108 Revenue Management

40110 Managing Service Operations

36104 Tools for Business Analysis: Excel and Matlab

36106 Managerial Decision Modeling

36600 Workshop in Operations/Management Science

40103 Operations Management and Strategy

Macroeconomics/International Business /Business Environment

33040 Macroeconomics

42201 The Legal Infrastructure of Business

33304 Law, Economics and Business

33305 The Firm and the Non-Market Environment

33312 Public Policies toward Business (2011NOT2012)

33401 Money and Banking

33402 Central Banking: Theories and Facts

33450 Real Estate Investments

33451 Real Estate Investments II

33470 Population and the Economy

33471 Business, Politics, and Ethics

33501 International Commercial Policy

33502 International Financial Policy

33503 Managing the Firm in the Global Economy

33520 The Wealth of Nations

33521 Asian Economies and Business

33522 Chinese Economy

33650 Workshop in Macro and International Economics



Strategic Managaement

General Management

Marketing management


international Business

Operations Management

Managerial and organizational behavior


Analytic Finance

Analytic Management

Econometrics and Statisticcs


HR Management


34101 Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity

34102 New Venture Strategy

34103 Building the New Venture

34104 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Developing a New Venture (New Venture Challenge)

34105 Entrepreneurial Internship Seminar

34106 Commercializing Innovation: Tools to Research and Analyze Private Enterprises

34107 Global Entrepreneurial Finance

34110 Social Entrepreneurship Lab

34111 Entrepreneurial Selling

34115 New Social Ventures

34201 Building Internet Startups: Risk, Reward, & Failure

34301 Buyouts

34701 New Venture and Small Enterprise Lab

34702 Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab

34704 Real Estate Lab: Real Estate Challenge

34706 CleanTech Lab

34720 Social Enterprise Lab

Organizations and Markets

39101 Technology Strategy

39600 Workshop in Organizations and Markets

39001 Strategy and Structure: Markets and Organizations

39002 Network Structures of Effective Management

Not Found

International Entrepreneurship Lab

Finance and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Topics in Global Economy

Building Innovation Strategy and Capability

Strategic Planning

Management Lab

Taking Charge


Course present in more than one dept

Foundation Course

Foundation replacement course

Any other icons mark concentrations