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Football by Mind Map: Football

1. Injuries

1.1. Concussions

1.1.1. How hard do you have to get hit to get concussed? Are certain spots on the head less defended from concussions?

1.1.2. What part of the brain is injured with a concussion? Is that part of the brain permanently damaged from the initial hit? Are football players more likely to have brain issues later in life than other's? Could brain injury link to Alzheimer's in football players? Are you more likely susceptible to get another concussion if you have previously had one?

1.2. Equipment

1.2.1. What helmet is the most safe? What is the best material to use in helmets in order to prevent head injuries What makes football helmets so "safe"

1.2.2. Are certain cleats better at protecting sprained ankles than others? What do pro football players use/ do to prevent sprained ankles?

2. Violations

2.1. Drug Use

2.1.1. Should states with legal marijuana allow athletes to use for pain instead of pain-killers? Which substance effects the player on the field more, THC or Oxy, Hydro's? Why wouldn't officials want players to use THC instead of opiates? How serious is failing a drug test under NCAA rules?

2.2. How many chances should pro athletes be given for a minor offence?

2.2.1. What crimes are considered a minor offence in the NFL?

2.2.2. Are different teams less/more strict on crimes against a player? Will you still get drafted in college/ NFL with minor offences? Is the NFL prejudiced against players of important merch. and profits other than less talented players?

3. Warm up

3.1. Stretching

3.1.1. Is it guaranteed that injuries happen less if you stretch before physical activity? Why do some argue that stretching is bad for ligaments but athletes say it is crucial? Why is it bad to stretch after a workout?

3.1.2. In what ways is stretching good for the muscles/ ligaments? What stretches do athletes use to prevent a torn ACL? What is the BEST stretch one could utilize for preventing a torn ACL?

3.1.3. Is it better to stretch pre or post workout? Both??? Is conditioning key into being a winning team? What is the key to achieving a winning record? Does stretching help prevent being sore? Does stretching help the soreness go away? Is there any supplement that can prevent being sore?

3.2. Work out routine

3.2.1. What is the best football team workout plan? Should workouts differ from each position? How are workout plans different for a linemen over a quarterback? How important are gains in the weight room? Do weight gains show as skill gain on the field?


4.1. How much does a positive attitude matter on game day?

4.1.1. Does a team's attitude effect the team's performance?

4.1.2. Do other sports rely on good attitude as well?

4.1.3. Is attitude a successful key to achieving team's goals? In what ways does stretching before a workout/ activity effect performance? Is their certain stretches that help athletes performance better or prevent more injury? Do long-tern team goals work better than short term goals?

4.2. Does a team's game day routine affect a team's performance on game day?

4.2.1. Does a player's weekly schedule matter how he plays in a game?

4.2.2. What is the best way to get ready for a game? What is the best pre-game fuel food? Best athlete diet?