Working Material for ISGF Action Plan 2008-2011

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Working Material for ISGF Action Plan 2008-2011 by Mind Map: Working Material for ISGF Action Plan 2008-2011


2. Development

2.1. Young Scouts/Guides

2.1.1. Do we know what young want?

2.1.2. Importance of personal contacts

2.1.3. Offer expertise - nonintrusive

2.1.4. Observe, listen, open

2.1.5. Be reliable witness of adult scouting/guiding Show trust to youth Treat them as reliable

2.1.6. Adult Scouts/Guides could be resource for youth

2.1.7. Adult Scouts/Guides must have own activities+"be there"

2.1.8. Trainings for youth

2.1.9. Financial support Just as starter Better: show them how to earn money Support projects

2.2. Joint activities with youngsters

2.2.1. Involve young people

2.2.2. to support peace

2.2.3. environmental actions

2.2.4. Activities for young families with children

2.3. Projects

2.3.1. National campaign to attract young adults

2.3.2. Use of modern means of communication

2.3.3. Develop training programmes

2.3.4. National commission for development

2.3.5. International camps

2.3.6. Initiate personal development

2.3.7. Initiate new NSGFs

2.3.8. Doing also by others through public relations

2.4. World Committee

2.4.1. More young people in WCom

2.4.2. Develop plan for lowering the average age

2.4.3. WCom should visit NSGF needing development

2.4.4. Create practical projects

2.4.5. Find sponsors to help Asian and African countries

3. Visibility

3.1. Use uniform or uniform image

3.2. NSGFs avaliable for helping Scouts/Guides

3.3. Focus on activities/projects

3.4. Have PR person in NSGF

3.5. Practical

3.5.1. For media on website

3.5.2. Make publicity of good events

3.5.3. Promote commemorative day

3.5.4. Use and build on 100 years

3.5.5. ISGF merchandise

3.5.6. Transportable displays

3.5.7. Take part in national international jamborees

4. Networking

4.1. "Face to face"

4.1.1. Gatherings Exchange of ideas on all levels More on local level

4.1.2. Encourage twinning Personal twinning Importance of personnal contacts Guild to guild Twinning wanted feature on web Each NSGF 3 Twinnings With Scouts Guides

4.1.3. Neighbouring NSGF+CB+Scouts/Guides Interaction Events - invitation Cultural and craft based

4.1.4. Connection of strong NSGF's with less strong+CB

4.1.5. Partnership with... International organizations Scout and guide associations WOSM/WAGGGS

4.2. Internet support

4.2.1. Website Regularly updated NSGF's responsible for updating User friendly website Calendar of events feature Chat feature Direct contact with WCom from website

4.2.2. Platform for sharing ideas

4.2.3. NSGF's internet site Translate to other languages

4.3. Other

4.3.1. Each NSGF should have 2 delegates at conferences Regional World

4.3.2. Use of experts

4.3.3. WB must be connected to NSGF offices

4.3.4. Report to World Bureau on regular basis (NSGF+CB)

5. Communication


5.1.1. Minutes for info

5.1.2. Comment

5.1.3. Actions according to minutes

5.2. Media coverage

5.2.1. Locally

5.2.2. Nationally

5.2.3. World level

5.2.4. Build up info channels

5.3. Website

5.3.1. At all levels

5.3.2. Updated regularly

5.3.3. Simple

5.3.4. Links of websites

5.3.5. Links to youth

5.3.6. Computer trainings Locally Ask youth for assistance "Snowball effect" training

5.4. E-mails

5.4.1. Be sure they are received

5.4.2. Answer to E-mails

6. Interesting

6.1. Forget that you know everything!

6.2. ISGF should be "umbrella" + recognize differences

6.3. Why we can't ask for help youngsters?

7. Abbreviations

7.1. CB

7.1.1. Central Branch

7.2. ISGF

7.2.1. International Scout and Guide Fellowship

7.3. NSGF

7.3.1. National Scout and Guide Fellowship

7.4. PR

7.4.1. Public relations


7.5.1. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

7.6. WB

7.6.1. World Bureau

7.7. WCom

7.7.1. World Committee

7.8. WOSM

7.8.1. World Organization of Scout Movement