Food and Beverage Service Sequence

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Food and Beverage Service Sequence by Mind Map: Food and Beverage Service Sequence

1. Serving Food

1.1. Inform guests of any orders which require extra preparation time

2. Clearing During Service

2.1. Always clear empty glassware before serving next beverage

2.2. Always clear empty plate before serving next food

3. Billing

3.1. Check with guest for more orders before preparing the bill

3.2. Make sure the bill is mistake free and is presented to the right guest and to the right table

3.3. Use the folder when presenting the bill

3.4. Step back and wait in case guest has any questions

4. Dealing with Payments

4.1. Guest can pay with a credit card, cash or sign the bill in case of house guests

4.2. Once the guest signs the bill, check the name, signature and room number against guest name list at the cashier station

5. Dishwashing

5.1. Clear the restaurant tables

5.2. Steward wash all the plate that had used

6. Clearing Following Service

6.1. Place salt and pepper shaker on a table near the service doors

6.2. Place clean table cloth on top of one another on one table

6.3. Place all chairs on the tables, the seats resting on the table

7. Preparation for service

7.1. Mise-en-place

7.1.1. Cleaning

7.1.2. Refilling salt and pepper,sauses,mustard

7.1.3. Changing linen, restock sideboards

7.1.4. Setting the table

8. Taking booking

8.1. Standard for taking reservation

8.1.1. Phone must be answered within 3 rings

8.1.2. Answer phone with standard greeting

8.1.3. Ask for precise information

8.1.4. Name of caller,host name,arrival date,total pax,phone number,special request must recorded in reservation log book

8.1.5. Do not take more reservation than the dinind room can accommodate

8.1.6. Offer guests other alternatives when no reservation available at that time

9. Taking Food and Beverage Order

9.1. Standard for taking beverage order

9.1.1. Approach guest and offer him a drink listing using up selling techniques

9.1.2. Do not force the guest to order

9.1.3. Clearly write orders and repeat the orders

9.2. Standard for taking food order

9.2.1. Food order must be taken within 1 minute when guest is ready

9.2.2. Present menus from the guest’s right. Ladies first or person seated on the right side of the host

9.2.3. Answer to questions regarding menu items, methods of preparation or cooking

9.2.4. Repeat the food orders

10. Serving Beverage

10.1. Serve all beverages from the guests right

10.2. Handle glasses at the base or by the stem

11. Greeting and Seating

11.1. Standard for welcoming and seating guest

11.1.1. Greet guest in warm and courteous manner

11.1.2. Ask if guest has made a reservation,Direct guest to the reserved table

11.1.3. Try to seat guests in different sections

11.1.4. Pull out chair for guest and seat the ladies first

11.1.5. Unfold the napkin

11.1.6. Introduce the server