My Life :role of a leader is to manage chaos and uncertainty, BE A STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEUR RATHER ...

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My Life :role of a leader is to manage chaos and uncertainty, BE A STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEUR RATHER THAN AN OPPORTUNITY SEEKER!! by Mind Map: My Life :role of a leader is to manage chaos and uncertainty, BE A STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEUR RATHER THAN AN OPPORTUNITY SEEKER!!

1. 4 irresistable offer..u take the risk out on the purchase user friendly proposition


2.1. june 29th look for coverage


3.1. BOOK



3.2. UIBC



3.4.1. GI

3.4.2. Hair

3.4.3. Teeth

3.4.4. Yoga

3.5. the productivity guy alex mandossian uibc 2.0 las vegas june 2011 NO MULTITASKING




5. Decisions HBR June 2011

5.1. Ask yourself about the team

5.1.1. Conflict of interest

5.1.2. Have they fallen in love

5.1.3. Dissent?

5.2. Ask the recommenders

5.2.1. Do this because u did this b4...rethink this. may not be the same deal than the last one

5.2.2. Alternatives? ask to see two or more proposals

5.2.3. if making this decision in a year what info would u need and can you get it now?

5.2.4. where do the numbers come from?

5.2.5. check for halo effect..if the team is good in one area does that mean they will be good for this project?

5.3. Ask about the proposal

5.3.1. overconfident

5.3.2. underconfident cautious

5.3.3. can the worst case scenario be any more worse?

6. HOW to prepare and get the best of any seminar that you attend

6.1. 1. keep questions in mind

6.2. 2. Why and what quest to ask key speakers

6.3. 3. pre teleseminars and mastermind gp

6.4. 4 buddy

6.5. 5budget

6.6. 6 your snap

6.6.1. who u are

6.6.2. what u do

6.6.3. why are u there?

6.7. 7 50 biz cards like ceo space

6.8. 8 check off list of qest as they are answered shhows intention

6.9. 8 meet speakers come early

6.10. 9 thank you note

6.11. 10 one hr of paid consulting

6.12. 12 count number of biz cards u get

6.13. 13 list new questions based on talks

6.14. 14 sit in diff seats after breaks

6.15. 15 collect at least 5 bizcards a day

6.16. 16 intro other people to each other

6.17. 17 post seminar buddy

6.18. 18 purchase ongoing at seminar specials

6.19. 19 action 52 plan based on seminar

6.20. 20 decompresssion day

6.21. 21 spend 60 mins per day to implement

7. Chopra 7 success

7.1. 1. physical body

7.1.1. matter

7.1.2. energy

7.2. 2. subtle body

7.2.1. mind

7.2.2. intellect

7.2.3. ego

7.3. 3. spirit soul and higher self law of pure potentiality unified field bliss internal ref point (not easily affected) spend time with ourselves how? by meditation by communing with nature by not being judgemental

7.3.1. casual body

7.3.2. universal consciousness

7.4. GOD

7.4.1. 1 generation of the creative process in the stillness of the mind

7.4.2. 2 organization of the mind in its stillness

7.4.3. 3 delivering physical

8. UIBC 2.0

8.1. karmic marketting

8.1.1. 1. customers

8.1.2. 2 suppliers

8.1.3. 3. team

8.1.4. 4. world

8.2. freedom funnel

8.3. flipping websites




8.4. membership sites

8.5. ebusiness in a box

9. Not to do list

9.1. Greg habstritt

9.1.1. New node

9.2. Harv Eker

9.3. Eric Lofholm

9.4. Santo Domingo

10. UIBC 2 Las Vegas June 2011

10.1. Day1Offer

10.2. Day2 Conversion

10.2.1. keyword research global monthly searches in keywords more than 2500 and supply less than 250K use quotes around keywords on google see swipe file Secrets to finding a profitable niche New node

10.2.2. Co-opetetion strategies spying on your closest competetion PETE CSI competetive search investigator !!! secret: Be specific in niche U DOMINATE IT! USE long tail keywords be in the middle of the curve eg mens health, mens health over 50, mens health over 50 with diabetes and cad!! 1. Find top 3 sweet spot keywords and circle the most relevant. 2. Do search on google and write down two organic and 2 sponsored URL's plug in the URL and record number of incoming links "inlinks" the sites have and figure out what these guys are buying watch education videos decide on subscribing what do u do once u know ur competetion..u can affiliate test their products contact them, interview them, go meet them check other programs that they are promoting..etc..etc

10.2.3. Persuasion equation when hype is up believability goes down 1. address an urgent problem 2. provide a unique promise 3. unquestionalbe proof,,believability, powerful demonstration eg Otis elevator story

10.2.4. web copywriting strategies 1. 5 advantages of web copywriting audio, video pics movement interaction 2. 6 servants of kiplinger who what when where why how 3 10 words that boost pulling how who new want your these this money people why eg how to win friends and influence people 4 3 proven u make these mistakes? ways to,,result save money,,,give me time and i wll show u how to ,,,promise eg pay off ur mortgage 5 headlines that make good ads great,page 6 of handout wizards of ads..wizards academy looks good 6 ads that reduce pulling power 1 more adjectives so replace them with verbs..good ex is gettybug address 13 percent adjectives 7 the 3 question script that calms irritated and refund requests 1. what happended 2 what should have happend 3 how can we make it right 8 the 2 question close sequent 1. what would happen if you didnt take advant of our special offer 2. what would happen if you did take advantage of our special offer

10.2.5. Hootsuite unifying social media twitter click on top box to schedule tweets / shrinkbox to condense tweets

10.2.6. testing and tracking andrew lock

10.2.7. Affiliate marketting alex

10.2.8. Selby marketting


10.3.1. sign in with k1 pass read white paper,,,,

10.3.2. brand publicity is best instead of advertising

10.3.3. 52 press releases a year become a BIG fish so you can be seen by others become the thought leader in your community, get halo effect message shines bright

10.3.4. become an authority in your industry

10.3.5. most online PR are announcements but 1% come to the top because they tell STORIES..YOUR STORIES.

10.3.6. PR copywriting templates search laptop for PR traffic word template document Marc Harty stuff from uibc2.0 paid 77$

10.3.7. Mastermind traffic strategies:SPANISH trans, community of spiritual community, mind body community, cancer survivors gp, STUMBLE upon, Interview patients, docs, insurance agents, free clinic, NEWSLETTER, BOOK les brown, ehow,,, manage debt vs manage money, medtalk, podcast, List swapping, WEB TV,, wikipedia, blogradiotalk set up own radiostation, advertising online magazine, hosting competetive sweepstakes, jv partnership, google places, yahoo local, bannerads on facebook, payperclick, direct mail,

10.3.8. Facebook: Difference between profile personal friends vs fanpage likes biz, content is placed on both wall pages/, Newsfeed posted on wall on both gets to Friends and Biz fans/ RYAN DEISS YAHOKUEMAIL JUNE 26THUSER NAME IS EMAIL AND AJ1 IS PASS step1 generate traffic by letting people like u, 2 once u get fans on ur fanpage send them to ur own website, 50/50 rule, spend 50% time on other peoples fan page and 50% on ur own fanpage. put in sticky and interesting content,original, engaging. galvanize them to act, to share, to comment, Tell people what to do and any of these./ become a 3D person: Talk Listen and Interact. develop know like and trust./ where do u get content to post on facebook? google alerts, utube typical places measure traffic thru insights on left side column step 2 Traffic sources to your fan page. FANPAGE name cannot be generic/ less than 100 fans u can edit fanpage to change the name/ if more than 100 fans u have to create a new one and get the fans from ur other fanpage to move over step 3 Pictures: promote profile pic /can add 5 pictures on fanpage that rotate called photostream can have ur brand logo on the left side. for sample check out harveker's facebook page..the guy has this nailed. including videos pictures testimonials, add backlink to your website/ other search for chris farrell-how to make money online../ step 4 get friends from personal profile to get on to your fanpage step 5 ask questions in your niche.. let it go viral step 6 welcome harv s page bring them to opt in page build list for the first time visitors, encourage likes step 7 edgerank, affinity score encourage interaction with fans weight: content is shared, commented upon, liked time decay: older stuff will suck, therfore post often, encourage people to respond, engaging content step 8 pyramid of power like effect on score/ comment less effect on score/ shared awesome score step 9 notes and tags allows u to put in more details, 400 characters, Tags gets on other peoples fanpage. ask permission to tagthem on dashbrd..dont know what this is.. Ryan Deiss new Facebook Ad Power 2011 system. 200$ login k100yah email pass is aj1a Chris Farrell paid ads on FB interruption marketting FB sends u to landing page very gentle vs google ads send u to sales page aggressive destination page can be welcome page Harvs stuff, sales page and then wall ifo etc body needs to have a CTA Must have images of faces cost per click expensive vs cost per impression cheaper New node

10.3.9. information marketting association

10.3.10. proof elements of sales page eg uibc 1.0 from blog / navigation bar, anchor tag guarantee class shares inside testimonials happens outside stats from reliable sources New node

10.3.11. community bookmarking eg delicious k1000/kemp1, good way to share info / can bookmark articles, blogs, vdeos, fanpages, press releases./ all with url s easy to set up visible and measurable links coming from that website are good quality more valuable for seo

10.3.12. Mid afternoon session, social bookmarking websites, very powerful to raise google search content related to your niche..two way info your info goes to others and others info comes to u/ bookmark all kinds of stuff..videos, blogs, articles, press releases, reviews, webpages, see uibc entry / and to syndicate all ur bookmarks

10.3.13. ERic: leverage other peoples mktg and influence limitless and infinite, JV with someone with a bigger list than yours, just be a problem solver etc

10.3.14. Laura Waage google her : heart is the root and the brain is the fruit..ideas start in the heart and for it to bear fruit, the heart has to nurture it to bear fruit.. audio creation.. this needs intro, and outro 1. Intro: template/ welcoome to " and trim over 40,,, 2. if you are " over 40 over wt and lacking energy that you once used to have....... then this product will...give solution eg this product will teach u to adopt healthy habits that will result in s smaller waistline and more energy 3. we will now hear from our panel of experts on " how to fit and trim after 40... 4. outro..we hope u enjoyed this product and found great benefit from the info conveyed by our panel of experts, to learn more about ...put central theme...grab ur mouse click on home page and peruse the many articles, tools and resources that are availablbe to u. also, if you like to learn more about our Inner Circle or would like to know if youre eligible to participate , please click on the contact page, fill out the form and click submit. see the audacity how to stuff in file

10.3.15. microwave marketting website traffic secrets revealed andrew lock eg sign up on 199$ for first year, 149$ renewal 1. go to bottom "adv center" 2. internet directory submission on add yur site 3. online form 4. click save and continue fill contact info 5. click save and continue enter billing info 6 wait for submission takes 24 hrs put an irresistable offer on the back of ur bizness card 1. decide on an offer.. a newsletter, physical or online, discount, free consult, free trial 2. implement the offer 3. register a simple specific domain name for the offer,,eg 4. write a persuasive words to convey offer.." discover 3 simple steps you can take to cut ur elec bill by 200 bucks free report at,,, and discover these little know secrtes

10.3.16. New node

10.4. Day4 Day of liberation: Outsourcing Do what makes money and outsource the rest time management for docs new biz idea

10.4.1. resources: four work week book by Timothy feriss,

10.4.2. Reason: Have 12 tasks and 2 strengths. if each task takes one week, you do two in two weeks and outsource the other 10, you can get all the jobs done in 2 weeks! instead of 12 weeks

10.4.3. Where do yu find places to outsource: Linked in is a digital rolodex go to and become an expert optimizing linked in 1 100 % profile 2 use keyword rich headlines 3 add new contacts everyday add communication, connect with prospects, and not just in your industry 4 search companies with keywords and contact all people in those companies 5 standout, make ur pic pop smile close headshot color background 6 be interesting, entertaining, add video be educat 7 Ask for recommendations and give recommendations Applications for linkedin collaboration goo gle presentations Youtube Twitter stream Other resources Mayo clinic center for social media OCT 17th to 19th meeting!! Create own group PHYSICIANS IN OUR AREA on linkedin

10.4.4. use k1000, ke1 email uibcgmail , useful for website stuff

10.4.5. other sources from wsj,,, andrewlock showed for uibc logo design

10.5. day5 Transformation mastermind group is key


10.5.2. Getting to yes: know u like u and trust u not buy from you dont understand u dont believe u dont trust u and not right time

10.5.3. 5 questions to concince anyone: 1. if not this then what? 2. if not you then who? 3 if not now then when? 4 what would happen if you didnt say yes? 5 what could happen if you say yes? MANY A FALSE STEP IS TAKEN BY STANDING STILL

10.5.4. kuibcgmail productivity systemetize 1. data entry 2 organize like spreadsheet 3 delegate 4 track

10.5.5. chris knight ceo ezinerarticles need more than 10 articles 99% success is in title! sweet spot is mid 40% on supp vs dema curve wt loss vs wt loss for men vs wt loss for men with diabetes over 40 Dominate the chosen niche body is the give, resource box is the take syndicatable, one article on 200 sites is better than 200 articles on 1 site resource box secrets: author name url USP CTA word FREE dont tell life story unrelated to your subject Value of author tools title suggestions use primary keyword search and then secondary keyword search challenges of today were brilliant ideas yesterday!

11. webinars

11.1. uci webex july 27 search free event

12. courses online

12.1. Ryan Deiss on FB, email is login aj1 is pass vinu to work on it signed up on 6/26/11

12.2. New node


13.1. SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY CUTTING EDGE OCT 12K dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14.1. kevin pho

14.2. mayoclinic

14.3. colorado cyberknife

14.4. slowburn material

14.5. look Jerry s stuff too


14.7. grossman from singularity univ

14.8. Univ of florida shands

14.9. like their multiple titles blcc/ 121 etc

14.10. sfro cycle 5 pics on banner no fb twitter etc

14.11. Cancer RSS feed from NCI news release, calendar of events..


14.13. microsoft translator! is awesome!

14.14. ctca sneaking in membership website! awesome idea

14.15. onscreen shots

14.16. proton therapy of florida

14.17. brochure of ccro

15. Article ideas

15.1. series on side effects of radiation

15.2. how does radiation work

15.3. the cancer forums

15.4. Book on amazon: the human side of cancer

15.5. breast cancer radiation side effects 3600/84000

15.6. stereotactic radiotherapy 8100/150K

15.7. stereotactic radiation 4400/70K

15.8. prostate cancer radiation therapy 6600/263k

15.9. breast cancer rt 6600/45900!!!!


16.1. Joseph pine

16.1.1. 1. commodities agrarian economy based on supply on the biz side and availablitly on the consumer side!

16.1.2. 2. Commo become goods industrials control for the biz and cost for the consumer

16.1.3. 3. commoditiesed did not matter where the goods came from only price mattered

16.1.4. 4 Service economy improvement for the biz vs quality for the consumer

16.1.5. 5 services become commoditised too price price price

16.1.6. 6. Authentic experience is the selling point. business have to render....consumers are looking for authentic stuff. KEY for Biz is RENDERING authenticity . dimension 1 being true to urself and 2 is being true to others / be what u say u are to others 1. true to urself and you are true to others and ur product does what u say it does,,,u are real real eg knowing who u are eg provide places for people to experience who u are.. NOT ADVERTISING eg starbucks DOES NOT advertise...they want u to come in and eperience it eg: coffee beans few cents/ brew it,,50 cents/ package it...1 or 2 dollars 2. not true to urself and not true to others,,u are fake fake eg advertise things that u are not 3. not true to ur /itself and does it what it says it is and does what it says it does The producT is REAL FAKE! EX CITY WALK AT UNIVERSAL IS A REAL FAKE..U KNOW IT IS FAKE BUT IT HAS A REAL CITY EXPERIENCE 4. Is true to your self but does not do what u say it does. fake real! Eg magic is a fake because there is no magic..but it is real disney is a real company immersed in a wonderful environment,, it is a fake reality!!

16.2. NMeditation as Medicine: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction youtube between the stimulus and the reaction..thre is freedom,,thru awareness..STOP..stop Take deep breath..Observe and Proceed.. whatever u flee from will pursue u..what ever u welcome will transorm u....resist the tide will sweep u off ur feet..allow..the grace/tide will take u to higher ground

16.3. influencer mapping: go behind the scenes and map out WHO the real influencers are!

17. SOUNDVIEW and book reviews

17.1. chnge culture chng game ROGeR CONNORS and TOM SMITH key is greater accountability RESULTs pyramid: experiences, beliefs, actions and results

17.1.1. culture of blame and victim

17.1.2. culture of results with the pyramid

17.2. success built to last JERRY PORRAS read july16 2011

17.2.1. deeply meaninful the why love it or lose..passions and the quest for meaning all u have is your personal capital its like saving up sex for old it now! no exit strategy.,,waren buffet the secret of life ..serve somebody..its not how to do..its how to be! leader to leader institute being in the zone...plugged in..flow experience bldrs are like nerds not supermodels death by a start up to succeed , they need every ounce of their heart, soul, and brains completely devoted to these ventures in something that is personally meaningful for them..that is a crucial link...must have ideological clarity rational optimism or irrational exuberance..focus on what is right portfolio of passions..its not about balance the reward for the doing must be the doing it is rarely one thing..all bldrs are passionate about multiple things balance is the stuff that is meaningful to u,,even if it is many endow others with a portfolio of passion your passions provide periperhal vision..when u do something else..u get clarity on the main stealth passions and the power of perihperal thinking..expt with another passion..bill, fun and education! COMBO where u are paid for passionate gives one day off for folks to be creative in any way that they want to..test fantasies from beggin bowls to cash boxes gramin bank yunus the paranoid survive ,,the passionate prosper bono and gates every passion counts dr. remen leaders give what is needednot what is expected why succesful people stay succesful..integrity to meaning dont treat passion like trivial pursuit..bild something for its own sake one value..integrity to what matters to them..carter clinton branson

17.2.2. creative thoughtful The silent scream,,why is it hard to do what matters the silent scream 4 good reasons to give up right now b4 u do something stupid The cause has charisma..dont have to be charismatic to be succesful...u give birth to that which u fix ur mind to..keep the cause in will get u thru.. the courage to move forward,breaking away the boundaries set in their own minds despite the realities of their tortured past is one of the most dificult, necessary and rewarding achievements..decolonize ure minD!!! is the first step...release urself from the repression of the mind..ur no longer ur prisoner,,u have gifts to share that belong to other people..ITS UR RESPONSIBILITY TO SHARE UR TALENTS WITH OTHERS WHEN the cause has charisma shrinking violets bloom in public...mark does nt matter if they are obnoxius or what,,once u find something that matters so much and are passionately engaged ...they rise above their personality baggage that would otherwise hold them down ..what they are doin has so much of meaning for them that they plUG in..they serve the cause and the cause serves them!...charisma JUSTCOMESTHRUNo matter what!!!!! making ur passion fly..southwest...too expensive to fly..FIXEDTHAT with low cost airline so ALL americans could fly! what if your dream never becomes popular...even if the dreami is unpopular like being ATTORNEY that all hate,,,but if u do it with a passion u still win and become a builder! trust ur passion enough to become an expert at it..condi rice..deep knowledge matters its starts with u,,but ultimately it is NOT about u!..once u focus on what u believe needs to be done,,u will have more energy to persist despite inevitable resistenace from other people self esteem is over rated..dont wait till u get ur self esteem and confidence to try ur passion,,,try fail try fail and u will make it just get better each time the world would be a darker place without u..line in moby dick,,in the slippery world we all need somethoing to hold onto...u can only hold on to onething,,and that is the self that we each are..that is the self that whispers about what matters to u and tells u which cause or calling will have the charisma to light up ur life...DONT ASK WHAT UR CAUSE CAN DO FOR U.,..BUT ASK WHAT U CAN DO FOR UR CAUSE....when u can feed the cause,,the cause feeds u whatever u are be a great one..really be immersed..opportunity comes from expertise ..if u cant spend the time and energy to become an expert about what matters most to u,,u are daydreaming man,,,u are not chasing a dream...u cant claim the buried treasure if u are not willing to dig for it,..being the best ..WHATEVER U ARE BE A GREAT ONE.....FOR THE CAUSE TO HAVE CHARISMA IT MUST REACH INTO UR HEART ALL THE WAY IN A PERSONAL WAY TO UNLOCK ALL U HAVE TO GIVE/ The tripping point..always make new mistakes..experience is a hard teacher..she gives the test first and the lesson second....gain is the edge of loss, loss is the heart of gain. having many difficulties perfects the being, having no difficulties ruins the being,,LAO TZU life is short but some days are really long...bldrs face lifelong adversity etc but they refuse to let their goals and dreams be held ransom by their feelings..body blow all stages of mourning,,hurt guilt anger and recovery..ackn it ,,and just DO it,,,rebuild it when posiitve thngs dont work,,..truth is that bldrs move from negative emotion to action quickly,,what matters is what they chose to do rather than how they feel about their recovery..u cant flip a switch to think positive...therfore when there is a body blow dont worry about thinking positive ,,but use it as an opportunity to to learn and get the full benefit of the insights to be gained from the failute or understand what happened. THe posiitive spin may even backfire sending your mind into a downward spiral because ur mind has unfinished business..blds go to WORK dealing with it rather than pretend to put a smile on their face. they dont pretend to be happy when things go wrong AND they refuse to completely surrender to the current disappointment. its not that they feel good,, they just harvest what they can from the setback and keep taking action...its NATURAL to feel like hell when things go badly..but dont let that stop u..bldrs feel the pain but cherish what they are building more than the misery of the moment..WARRIOR,,, bldrs harvest failure,,bldrs turn their thoughts to undrstanding what happened so they can drive even faster without wrecks ,,they put all their experiences to use..the good,,the bad ,,the ugly. why yoda is actually or do not,,there is no try...means the point of doing rather than trying is to make no mistake about your intentions and efforts which should be sincere and emotionally commited rATHER than half hearted compromise. would u be willing to learn if it saved ur life? yu betcha...story of mr. universe..jack la lanne..getting into shape one day at a time..daily commitment to your passion no matter how difficult is the only way to enduring success when going gets tough feelings come last..failure,acknowedge it analyze it and win the next one..getting into a destination is never a straight line..bldrs dont obsess daily dilemmas its the marathon that counts not the sprint there is a dark side to every best practice..key here is to persist at the right things ..focus on undestanding meaning and learning from mistakes ..pour urself into consturctive habits..limit ur addictions to the passions that serve them. losers call it failure,,winners call it learning u have paid the tuition now get REAL greedy about collecing YUr payback!!!! always make new mistakes..bldrs think of success and failure as feedback..they dnt judge either as a complete win or loss..there is a gift and warning in each one..get the content to work for u..the question is not whether they won or lost this round. but what they will do with the feedback. the day i blew up the facory,,jack welch in ge first day fucks up the factory pilot project...learns and goes on to build innovation is failure sped up...rewrit the dna even after bankruptcy ,,rise to try again with only the temporary stigma of ..rwanda women and basket weaving and selling it.. a great cause and almost pointess defeat..put ur way of life far above the importance of any one success or failure hard work rewarded by bad headlines...lucent tech..tolerate the risk, feel the fear take the brick bats learn from failure and do what matters to them anyway wounds to ur weakness and use ur core incompetencies...charles schwab chuck dyslexia etc there is no cure..greeks the hero has to recognize his faults as the truth would he win..weakness is not the cause of tragedy..rather it is the heros relatioship to the weakness that becomes his undoing..the flaws must be embraced by the hero and included as elements of his authenticity as part of who he forget or deny this reality was the catalyst of tragedy...dont go looking for the cure..rather get on with bilding a life that matters dont use weakness as reason to distrust urself,,,bldrs dont deny their flaws ..they dont overcome their disability,,they manage it include it cope with it and dont let it stop them..the so called disabilities become bldg blocks of greatness of success that lasts...blt team to cover his weak a way of coping with dyslexia also eg is john chambers ceo of cisco..cant write but can talk his ass offand make complicated stuff simple,,,its a gift!,,same with embracing tgheir pain ,,they gain special knowledge that transcends empathy..dicovering a special talent and a novel way of beaking away from the pack..for most people a stunning failure more often paralyses than empowers, but for blders its by far the most common form of pain that pays big dividends twords lasting success when tragedy strikes..DR, V eye doc in madurai,,crpled with RA,,did cataract surgery by the thousands ,,no matter what.....he could not change his condition but he could change the way he thought about his goal and as aresult he is changin g the lives of millions greatness comes at the intersection of pain and passion,,gandhi pain had finaly freed his passion,,gandhi pain or passion will make u good enough,,,but pain PLUS passion will point yu to greatness!!.,,what we consider to be painful offers a window to our soul,,,to see iniquely who we are and what we must do... letting go of what doesnt work,,quicjly discard blame,,dont make the future pay the debts of the past...dont make the next job pay for your last bad experience case dismissed..blder let go of crap,not in denialm but keep focused on what they are bldg..obsessing on grudges keeps them alive letting them go forces them to die as u get back to u want to spend ur time to create.,,,CONFLICTS BLT TO LAST OR SUCCESS BLT TO LAST?..EG holocaust survivor elie night...nobel peace prize 1986..hate will destroy u...his life mission wa to combat indderence, intolerance, injustice thru dialogs and youth focused programs that promote acceptance understanding and equality beyond blame create a future that matters..its ur choice to be a victim or a beneficiary of what there is to harvest from the most difficult circumstances..story of joe nichols from texas quadriplegic etc,,

17.2.3. effective action turning passion into actin earning ur luck,,preparing for luck serendip by using BHAG big hairy audacious goals you earn ur luck..bldrs are better prepared to turn things that on the surface may seem bad or useless into opportunities..this appears as brilliance, luck heroism, opportunities is actually sage of passion, depth and skill..because they love what they do.blds invest the time to acquire knowledge about things that matter the is focus and knowledge that matters goals and plans are pointless?? no,,they are essential,,BHAG give direction,and figure out the road map ..the BHAG engages peopleit reaches out and grabs them in the is tangible energizing higly focused..its simple and people get it right jfk...stimulate forward progress while preserving core values and ideology the myth of authentic ALLthe time is f,,,ed up..u cant ..your behavour has to match ur words..and the words should take the form of personal stories not borrowed..u need to show ur team that u have skin in the the passion and personal meaning u have invested in this goal or mission..even churchill wasnt authentic all the time..he was scared but did not show it,,,he drank a lot and didnt show it too much infor about u can kill carter and playboy interview and lust for a gal,,,killed was not judged appropriate to his role..the reality is that some parts of ur authentic self are better off left in the shadows if they are not useful and relevant in diecly supporting or furthering ur goals and establishing the integerity of ur objectives..the BHAGS provide boundaries to keep u from straying from ur message...bhag.,take little steps,,u will get there the explorer mentality..the success is ususally diff from their initial plans..u set out to do somtheing but land up somewhere eles succesful.its stil all good,,,eg gandhi wanted to ujnite muslims and hinus,,didnt happen but what he achieved was awesome,, mike dell story responsible chutzpah or audacious lessons in human hisory ,,u may or may not be to blame for what happens to u,,bu either way u are responsible for doing somehting about it.....idea is u are blding ur life for a reason,,not passive for lasting success size doesnt matter...bhags look more audacious to outsiders ,,the insiders didnt think much as a mission, higher calling etc..bldrs describe their objectives as essential,that it must be done that it dserved to happen.they believed it was serious the right thing to do a better way ,,it was what had to be done now it was long term but urgent..bldrs are VERY picky about which serendiptious events they choose to pursue..they only go after that which means a lot to them..stuff they love or find painful to ignore..something that matters so much they find the courage to engage despite opinions of others not because of them..bldrs setup specific ways to measure their progress measuring what matters and keeping score...measurement provides feedback that will help u adapt and improve...when u are doing bad,,u dont WANT the report cardbecause it makes u loook didnt make money as a kid..he logged it,,,no money,,,then he saw that people bought stuff when they had life byung new house,,etc ..therefore, he saw that aftergettging ffeeback on his numbers..!..key here is have feedback,,set a goal and have all of ur team aligned to it.. when bad goals happen to good people...measuring allows u to take the hike towards progress,,towards the goal...remember the goal has to be measningful,,and should pull u in,,,its the journey that matters,,its that life that matters...goals dont have intrinsic meaning unless u invest meaning into them.....dont wait for a heartattak to set ur goals..! the secret life of goals...they have to be meanngful to u,,not someone else..u may want to relook and get rid of badones even if it hurts,,eg intel Mr. Grove..pretend u are a new ceo and take over with a new mind and reinvent everything... by using meaning as a guide bldrs keep their goals living their values and paying attention they are able to turn a steady stream of inevitable unpredictable and challenging events in life and work, into good fortune. New node chapt 10..ACTION naked conversations ..harvesting contention..whenever u recruit people who are as crazy and passionate about creating somehting great as u are, there is going to be contention..thats a given..accept it.. chapter 11 creating alignment ;;the environment always wins..anything worth doing cannot be done do u show to ur team,,,,align what u are and what u do u recruit ur people whose dreams are like urs...and then not letting them get urself and part of a group that is engaged in a cause that is greater than u recruting a team that supports ur dream...wathc for these people all over.. relationship bilt to last...even if the team members change their role,,its still them..u will behave in a way that treasures that relationship you are as good as ur people,,its true dont believe words,,only believe behaviours..walk matches the talk,,ok to say i dont know,,u dont have to know everything,,but ur goals, mission meaning still remain,,,dalai lama..they know thaings that matter and have meaning,,they know a lot about that stuff..and their passions and goals,,,ALWAYS PUSH MEANING THOUGHT AND ACTION INTO A TIGHTER CIRCLE.. the power of language..words hit people hard..what u say really matters..words get things done or to mess things up!!!!inside voice,,,be careful....focus on ur words and actions,,and that will impact ur thought!! and ur attitudes...when u have strong narrative,,words and matching deeds.....then u can overwhelm the negative and toxic thoughts and feelings...!!THIS IS AMAZING,,,!U MEAN TO TELL ME THAT MY THOUGHTS CAN BE CHANGED BY STARTING TO USE POSITIVE WORDS AND ACTIONS... bldrs pay close attention to what they say and do..and make sure both those things are focused on their long term aspirations rather than emotion of the moment, then they discover miraculously they have developed a better atttitude. this in turn shapes their ecosystem for success.. the environment always wins...physical environment improves,,their thoughts become more posiitve,,become transformed..therfore organize the enviroment around..structure, culture, systems, technology and physical settings...align these things with incentives and behaviors you need for success//that ecosystem will inspire you and the team..its just not one thing,,its everything working together...this will change what is inside the head of the team members....if the ecosystem delivers mixed messages and not aligned u get behaviour that is all over the map,,, thus the basic model for success that lasts is built on knowing what behaviours u want from urself, from ur team, and in ur organization and aligning all the signals and incentives ur sending throughut the system including to urself. is search of the it the genes or the enviroment .u cant do anything with the genes, but a lot with the environ and the non gene stuff inside the skin..extrme makeover starts within the head AND extreme envirnmental hygiene..alignment...u get out of ur life all the stuff that is inconsistent with ur passions and goals including people..bring into ur life everything that supports u..chose wisely its about understanding do u find those good behaviours...pick a behaviour that u want to get rid off,,then make a list of things in the enviroment that encourage that behaviour and a list of things in that environment that blocks that behaviour..then do the same with a behabiour that u like,,make the lists too...its all about payoff that causes the net behaviour,,,therfore get the messaging and incentives better aligned with the behaviour that u really want,,,true in personal life and at work the secret to getting teh alignment..need comitment, discipline courage to contunuosly practice alignment...SO ,,on a daily basis PRACTICE AND STRUGGLE TO GET THE THE THREE CIRCLES,,MEANING THOUGHT AND ACTION TOWARDS ALIGNMNT IN UR LIFE AND WORK..embace this with all ur heart and sould becuase it is a challenge that never ends as long as u are here...nothing else is important...CREATE A LIFE THAT MATTERS IF U WANT SUCCESS BUILT TO LAST

18. affiliate mktg webinar andy lock july 5 2011

18.1. 1. pick a niche

18.2. 2. integrate into ur website or if not create a new website dedicated

18.3. 3. pick a network

18.3.1. 1.

18.3.2. 2.

18.3.3. 3.

18.3.4. 4.

18.3.5. 5.

18.4. 4. pick a product or service.pick something that you have used or evaluated..dont abuse trust of ur folks

18.5. 5. pick keywords that people are using that will attract them to ur review page...advanced strategy mis-spelled words..column/colum laptop/labtop/labtob

18.6. 6. put pieces together

18.6.1. 1. fresh regular content to ur blog

18.6.2. 2. create a post video review..talking head

18.6.3. 3. create and post written review

18.6.4. 4. consider addinng a directory on ur website for the prodiucts

18.7. 7. keys to success

18.7.1. 1. promote only the best services and products

18.7.2. 2. be objective in ur trusted..use the words,,,the one thing that i dont like about this

18.7.3. 3. stick to 2 to 3 reliable neworks

18.7.4. 4. when u do well with an offer,,ask for more commission

18.8. 8. success story..sean for becoming a millionaire

19. JEFF and KANE

19.1. 1 video..expertise to identify problem and giving them a fix/position and package urself / charisma how u connect with people how do u express ur defining moment story../ find oppotunities and close them..clients customers, affiliates / domain of influence,,what questions and my body and my voice telling ur energy that gives u the / social dynamics../ master ur mindset..u gotta believe incongruence ,,,no trust...shut up ur noise / infrastructure for ur bizness,,,fulfill

20. awesome esp Lao Tzu

21. New node

22. self care

22.1. 1. morning exfoliating facial cleaneser in shower,,,face serum let dry for 1 min....spf 30

22.2. the 1. gentle cleanser..laneer ..eye cream

22.3. 1 time per scrub 1time per week mask 10 minutes