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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. E: The most important thing you could do is to tell the truth. Another way is to tell your parents, to get help to confront them.

2. D: You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc) from a friend and accidentally break it.

3. C: If you told the truth, your friend will be happy that you told the truth. Although, your friend might be very angry. The chances of success is not very high, but at least you are being honest. But if you told your parents first for first, then at least you want to do something about it to solve the problem. But your parents might be mad for breaking the phone. Although this alternative is more chance of success because you let your parents know, and would talk to your friends parents.

4. I: You cannot panic when you break your friends phone. The most important thing is to not blame others or tr to hide for the things you have done. This is going to be a healthier way for your friend and you.

5. D: If I broke my friends phone, I would first pretend nothing happened and hide it behind my arms. Then I will try to call or get her parents and tell them what happened. They would most likely say the understand for my mistake and tell me that it was good I was being honest. Then they will bring over my friends while she's next to me and my friend will of course be very angry for me, but she will understand that it was an accident.

6. E: My decisions worked out perfectly and smoothly. It affected my life because I can get the habit of always being honest. It affected others by influencing them to also be honest when you make a mistake. I learn to always tell the truth and don't always lie and go threw the consequences. If I was going to do this differently, I would create more alternatives such as maybe I could straight forward tell her what happened and then while she or he gets mad, I would say that I understand and face the consequences.