Your friend's ask you to sneak out to go to a party

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Your friend's ask you to sneak out to go to a party by Mind Map: Your friend's ask you to sneak out to go to a party

1. C: consider the consiquences

2. Cons: You could make a mistake that you can't reverse, peer pressure to do things you don't want, getting in trouble and face consiquences by parents

3. E: You could simply decline sneaking out, this would benefit you because your parents will be happy you did the right thing and didn't sneak out, you could also make a lie that you aren't feeling well because sometimes people will say things about you like your boring if you don't go so this could benefit you even if it isn't the truth sometimes it's okay to lie about small things to get away from something you feel pressured to do

4. Pros: You are able to have a good time, make new friends

5. Examples: Making a decision you will regret later, peer pressure to do things you are not comfortable with such as; drinking, having sex, staying later, staying over, drugs, smoking

6. D: Affects your social, emotional, physical, environmental wellness, choosing to sneak out has more cons than pros. It will affect your physical health if you choose to make the wrong decision and drink, but your social wellness can improve if you make new friends or are content on your own

7. Identify your Values: Think about yourself and what you value. For example after you consider the consiquences, you could value your reputation, and if you think about a mistake you could make such as cheating, upsetting your parents could easily destroy your reputation which is something you value which will help you choose what choice to make. Another example is if you value a certain relationship with a person you could think about how going to this party will affect that relationship. Finally, if you value respect you should choose not to go to the party because you want to respect your parents.

8. Decide and act: If I were to evaluate and decide what to do in this situation based on my values, and consiquences I wouldn't sneak out to the party. Sneaking out would cause me and my parents relationship to become bad and they would lose trust in me. I would also be worried if I have to face people who want me to do things I am not ready to do.

9. Evaluate Decision: After choosing your decision you can take some time to think about what will happen next (good, or bad) and how it will affect your life. For example, if you chose to sneak out you could have made new friends and maybe your parents would have not found out, but you may have to live with the guilt whereas if you chose to not go to the party it shows integrity and if your parents found out they could be proud.