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Moebius Noodles Questions by Mind Map: Moebius Noodles Questions
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Moebius Noodles Questions

To-Do list 1. Find a name 2. Open new group on Posterous, Flickr, Facebook 3. Start inviting everyone we know to the course 4. Create MailChimp account and integrate with FB group 5. Develop themes for each week 6. Select activities/toys/games for each week 7. Compile vocabulary for each week 8. Write "theory" article for each week

Particular concepts

Joshua Greenbaum - what is the best way to both teach my kids the distributed property and use it in teaching other math concepts?

Barbara Rowland - How early can the concept of the transitive property start making sense and in what ways do we learn it? I remember already thinking it made sense in 8th grade, so I must have learned it much younger!

Hope McMullan - I want to understand more about counting or not counting with young children. I haven't quite understood the concept and why it is detrimental

Brian Vancil - How well do things like Glenn Doman's math program and dot cards work at building pre-numeracy in comparison to other activities or even compared to the opportunity cost (like developing language skills)?"

Jacinda Bitely - in what order would you teach the multiplication tables to young children?

Linda Whipker - Are there benefits (if so, in what realm of math learning) to introducing an abacus early? Is it more tangible/concrete than some other methods of computing, and in what way?

Heidi Thoma - is with regard to using an abacus...perhaps too structured for your forum? But I have been searching for abacus activities for the young or old....and would love insights on this beautiful and historically and culturally fascinating tool.

Melissa Collins At what age would you introduce the concept of negative numbers? I am considering doing some basic number line stuff with my 6 year old and his not-yet-4 brother.

Ages and stages

Brooke McCallum-Bont - How can I teach math to a variety of ages as a group? My kids are ages 1- 12 and I'd love to be able to teach them math in a group setting as opposed to only one on one. How can I adapt the same info to different age levels?

Debbie Harne - What are three of the first concepts that children learn in the area of mathematics and what age do they typically learn them?

Maria Muscarella - my hardest struggles these days is being able to help my daughter focus on more complicated math issues while my 2 year old son is being his crazy self. I'd love some tips on having math time with kids who are in very different places learning-wise.

Diana - How old the child should be to realize the sense of counting

Carolyn Kelley - How do you involve a 2 year old?

Martha Myers - How do you include all ages in the fun learning of math?

Brenda Weiss - What mathematics concept that very young children naturally understand has been the most surprising to you? (or What is the first math concept very young children understand?)

Dawn La Du - At what age do you transition to writing math on paper?


Jennifer Ramsey - How best can I provide a 'maths rich' environment for my child to learn and develop?

Sue Stern - Should I do more math with my kids? How? ...Should I use a curriculum?

Jeanette Wilson - What are the best materials to have on hand for kids to play with math?

Maria Levin - My youngest daughter is 7 months. I want to start playing early development games with her. But which ones? It's not about particular skills or knowledge, but about instilling the general interest in math, developing her imagination and desire to create.

Denise Gaskins - Which math concepts come easily to young children, and which ones do they struggle with? Or do these categories vary from one child to another?

Maria Droujkova - How can I help people to reflect on math activities and become co-creators?


Irina Abramson - I'd like to get out of the habit of evaluating my kid's math solutions as "right" or "wrong", and to encourage him to try to find a way to check whether his solution is right on his own. How should I start?

DalaleN - What is the most effective way to engage my 3 year old when introducing and teaching math

ddomar - what is the best way to teach how to write numerals?

Casey Price - how I can help my son remember his numbers (above 10) without just forcing him to count over and over.

Marina Kopylova - Many people are getting tired when kids are working on a particular skill, when they repeat the same game again and again, asking the same question, counting to 10 twenty times in 5 minutes and so on. How could parent stay focused and enthusiastic?

Amy Pott - What are some good ideas for combining math with music for the very young?

KZandber - how do you collect and make hands on materials without feeling overwhelmed by "stuff"? I love to recycle objects and use them as manipulatives. And I love to look for new things to make for the kids to use during math time. But I feel like I have so many containers of things to count and things to sort etc. That it is cluttered. And I also look at these lovely things to make but then think, I will go through all this time etc. to make the object for the lesson/activity, and then it will never be used again. So I don't usually make it. I do make the really good ones, but I wish I would make more.

gail elliott - What help can I give my child when using problem solving for math?

Heather Brandt - What should we be doing to promote problem solving skills in our 4 year old or to help prepare him for the problem solving aspect of mathematics?

Kim Barnett - how do I present math to a 3-year old in a more conceptual way? Or is it all conceptual for him

kim meltzer - When I ask my daughter word questions she always gets it, but if I ask her what 2+3 she doesn't know.

Dawn La Du - my 2 youngest child,an 11 yr old has dyslexia. She needs constant review and reiforcement but yet she likes to move forward. How can I make math fun and visual for her and progress learning new concepts?

Seeking content

Kelli Brandon - sometimes I let my older son play "computer games" (, SesameStreet) for short periods of time. He is 4 years old - do you have any educational/fun websites you might recommend for his age group?

Sharon Bliss - What are some fun games for a 5 and 3 year old that helps them learn some basic math concepts?

Mandy Lucero - Where can I find a list of Living math books for the preschool age

Dawn La Du - Many members have recommended board games. Do you have a master list of board games and card games and what mathematical concepts the games cover?

Everyday math

Louise - how to introduce mathematical concepts in daily living. We often work with fractions, addition, and measurements in the kitchen, but other concepts would be good to talk about -- how to play with fractals in day to day experiences for example?

Erin Sloan - What are some common tasks that involve math that we do every day and I don't even realize it.

msutaria - I am looking for new fun and exciting ways to teach my 2 year old the wonders of mathematics. I guess a good way to teach them how to add is with fruit? show diff baskets with different # of fruts in them to get them to count them.

Yelena McManaman - How to build a "creative routine" of doing interesting math activities with a child every day (or almost every day)?


Kerry Rochford - how do you inspire kids to see 'real math' all around them if the parent/teacher is not skilled at seeing those natural teaching moments?

Cocoj - How can I make math entertaining for my child

Narelle Smith (hakea) - How do I make maths apealing and accessible to parents so they have the confidence to talk and play with maths with their children?

Michelle zakolski - how to make math fun and not just about putting it on paper

Kerry Rochford - How to make math fun amidst the tasks of learning the processes (i.e. learning multiplication facts)?

Kerry Rochford - ow to not pass on a generalized apprehension about math

Sue VanHattum - He says he doesn't like math. (Shocking, I know.) I think it's because he feels he's not good at it. I debate whether I should continue to let this pass, or do something to pull him in to this joyous part of our minds