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Essay Writing by Mind Map: Essay Writing

1. Proofread and Finalise

1.1. Correct SPG

1.2. Consistent layout

1.3. Bibliography APA/Harvard

1.4. Correct references

1.5. No plagiarism

2. Task Analysis

2.1. What have you been asked to do?

2.1.1. Check assessment instructions

2.1.2. Review marking rubric

2.1.3. Clarify assignment expectations with your lecturer/supervisor

2.2. Reader-focus: Why would your reader read your paper?

2.2.1. Make a decision?

2.2.2. Be informed about an issue/topic?

2.2.3. be convinced of an argument?

2.2.4. Assess your research abilities and written expression?

2.3. Clarify your goals: What do you hope to achieve by writing this paper?

2.3.1. Inform someone about an issue?

2.3.2. Conduct research for a proposal?

2.3.3. Achieve a tertiary qualification?

2.3.4. Achieve a high grade?

2.3.5. Learn about an issue?

2.3.6. Develop your writing skills?

2.3.7. Influence decision-making?

3. Research

3.1. Brainstorm

3.2. Supporting sources

3.2.1. References Books Peer-reviewed journals Reputable publishing houses Reputable news sources The New York Times The Washington Post The Guardian BBC online ABC online The Australian The Financial Review Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Google scholar Defence libraries

4. Structure

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1. Thesis statement

4.1.2. Scope

4.1.3. Background/context

4.2. Body paragraphs

4.2.1. 1 main idea per paragraph

4.2.2. Minimum 3 sentences Topic Sentence Explain/expand Provide evidence example quote anecdote statistic

4.2.3. Link paragraphs together with cohesive devices

4.3. Conclusion

4.3.1. Summarise main points

4.3.2. No new material

4.3.3. Bookends intro

5. Write and Edit

5.1. Review each section after composing. Edit and revise.

5.2. Re-read your work from the previous day before starting on a new section.

5.3. Correct SPG as you go.

5.4. Build your bibliography as you write.

5.5. Answer the question!!