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World War II by Mind Map: World War II


1.1. Adolf Hitler came to the power in 1933

1.1.1. He promoted the myth that the Jews cheated the country at the end of World War I by creating the German Republic and forcing the Armistice as the years went on the Nazi Party created a notion of Aryan superiority

1.1.2. Germany allied themselves with what later became “ The Axis Powers” Italy in 1939 Japan 1942 Battle of Midway ended the chances for Japan to win the war

1.1.3. September 1st, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. Nazis set their sights on Great Britain but they didn’t invade the island ,choosing instead to attack it with massive air strikes. So Great Britain declared war and formed an Alliance known as the "Allies" with France India Canada United States Sovietic Union India (British Canadian and American D-Dday invasion of Normandy was the beginning of the end of the Nazis

1.1.4. Countries occupied by Germany suffered at the hands of an oppressive regime that openly practiced genocide Nazism The victims were sent to concentration camps. There they were subjected to forced labor and later killed, mainly through lethal injection and gas poisoning. The cities most damaged by this type of attack were: London, Dresden, Hamburg, and Warsaw.

1.2. “The Hunger Plan”

1.2.1. The plan for 20 million of people to starve to death ,German agriculture was really inefficiently organized into lots of small farms ,and that meant that Germany needed a lot of land in order to be self-sufficient in food production so the Plan was to take Poland ,the Ukraine ,and the Eastern Russia ,and the resettle that land with Germans so that it could feed German people

1.3. Treaty of Versailles

1.3.1. left many countries with internal wars for par communism neither big power in Russia there was a right wing movement in Europe wich was called fascism wich was ruled with iron fist by the man at the top .

1.4. Unbridled military expansion by Germany,Japan, and to a small extent Italy .