History of the measurement of mass

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History of the measurement of mass by Mind Map: History of the measurement of mass

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2. The scientist realised that is a good way to demonstrates canal rays

3. society

3.1. Thomson is able to separate particles of different mass-to-charge ratios.

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3.2.1. Francis Aston constructs the first velocity focusing mass spectrograph with mass resolving power of 130

3.3. W. Aston became a fellow of the famous Royal Society.

3.4. Kenneth Bainbridge developed a mass spectrometer with a resolving power of 600 and a relative precision of one part in 10,000

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3.5. Aston speculated about the subatomic energy and the use of it

4. History

5. founde

5.1. 1913

5.2. 1918

5.3. 1919

6. usage

6.1. 1932

6.2. 1936