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Summer Camp'11 by Mind Map: Summer Camp'11

1. Work-Flow

1.1. 1st Phaze

1.1.1. Passport Copy

1.1.2. USD 500

1.1.3. Filling the Application

1.1.4. File Number

1.1.5. Final Printed Agreement

1.2. 2nd Phaze

1.2.1. Signed the Agreement

1.2.2. USD 3000

1.3. Final Phaze



2.1.1. Offer English Course Teachers Assessment Book Pre - test Post - test Student Coordinators Registration Accomodation F&B Medical Insurance Graduation Party Schedule Airport Transfer Pick Up Return Bus Ticket Access Cards (Deposit)

2.1.2. Itinerary Table

2.1.3. Draft Agreement

2.1.4. Sign Agreement

2.1.5. Payments Term

2.1.6. Credential Letters Agent Event Accomodation Teacher's Bio Insurance Medical Purposes Start Date Certificate

2.1.7. Student's Certificates


2.2.1. Tickets Malaysian Tourism Board Air Asia

2.2.2. City Tour FULL DAY KL+Cultural Dinner Schedule BATU CAVES & BATIK FACTORY Schedule Malay World Gallery Schedule Putrajaia & Country Tour Schedule Full Day Zoo Tour Schedule

2.3. Event

2.3.1. Event - 1:Dance and Music Concert Musical Instrument Lighting F&B Outside caterer Singer Performers Prizes

2.3.2. Event - 2: Treasure Hunt Clue Items Prizes


2.4.1. Paper work Marketing Plan Application Form Medical Form Parent Consent form Student reference number Agreements Students Agents Travel Agency Ministry of Education Tourism Board Refrences University Tourism Board Ministry of education Air Asia Tour Companies

2.4.2. Budget Planning

2.4.3. Gannett Chart Task Scheduling List

2.4.4. Uniform T-Shirt Design Order

2.4.5. Complementary Pack Recycling Back Pack Dental Kit Bath Kit Stationary Kit

2.4.6. HR Summer Camp LimKokWing Crescent NGT

2.4.7. Check List


2.5.1. Price

2.5.2. Agnet's Com. Structure Master Agent School Freelancer/Agent Introducer Travel Agency

2.5.3. Prizes iPod Touch iPad 2 MacBook


2.6.1. Brochure

2.6.2. Flyer

2.6.3. Banner

2.6.4. TV Commercial

2.7. Reality TV Show

2.7.1. Scenario

2.7.2. Production Crew Director Assistant Camera Man Presenter

2.8. IT

2.8.1. Web Portal

2.8.2. Reporter

2.8.3. Photographer