2010-2011 Portfolio

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2010-2011 Portfolio by Mind Map: 2010-2011 Portfolio

1. Race for a cure

1.1. Resources

1.1.1. The Times- Get healthy cancer resource

1.1.2. WikiPedia Guide To Camcer

1.1.3. Northern Indiana Cancer research

1.1.4. The American Cancer Society

1.1.5. Northwest Indiana Quality of Life council

1.1.6. Crazy Sexy Cancer

1.1.7. Cancer and Genetics

1.1.8. Reflection Crazy sexy cancer made realize what cancer really is. How affects the body and how it is a pain. Also the video informed me better tan any source could have about cancer

1.2. Standard:10.7.18

2. The industrial Revolution

2.1. Project Document and instructions

2.1.1. Project Guidelines

2.1.2. Project Agreements

2.1.3. Entry Document

2.1.4. Project Calender

2.2. Project Related Resources and Links

2.2.1. Websites that may be useful

2.2.2. Chapter 9 Summaries Answer Key

2.2.3. Textbook Chapters

2.2.4. Ch19 answer summary key

2.3. Assignments and homework

2.3.1. Inventions of the age

2.3.2. The industrial Revolution Work Packet

2.4. SWLO

2.4.1. Creative Problem Solving

2.4.2. New node

2.5. Reflection

2.5.1. The industrial revolution. I diddnt even have a clue what it was before this project. So many inventions a revoulution truly describes it. Without it our modern day inventions and leisures of life would not be here.

2.6. Standard10.3.4

3. World Oppression

3.1. Activities

3.1.1. Treatment of Indians

3.1.2. Gold Slip Checkpoint

3.1.3. Research Notes Spot Check

3.2. Project Resources


3.2.2. Narrative Rubric

3.2.3. Web Page Rubric

3.3. Guidlines

3.3.1. Entry Event

3.3.2. Project Overview Form

3.4. Assignments

3.4.1. Investigating the History of Slavery

3.4.2. World History Reading Assignment

3.5. Reflection

3.5.1. I can honestly say that I know more about oppression in places in this world. I really diddnt know how oppression was still very active in this world. My knowledge has increased drmatically.

3.6. Standard: 10.2.1

4. DNA in the courtroom

4.1. Project resources

4.1.1. WikiPedia Guide to cancer

4.1.2. Putting DNA to work (Science Museum)

4.1.3. Explore DNA

4.1.4. DBA animation

4.1.5. DNA Informartion and nucleic acids

4.1.6. CHapter 11, Biology book

4.1.7. Weekly Planning Form

4.2. Team Tools

4.2.1. Team Project Management Log

4.2.2. Peer Collaboration Rubric

4.2.3. Group ContractTemplate

4.3. Project Guidelines

4.3.1. Entry Event

4.3.2. Project Calendar

4.3.3. Project Teams

4.4. Reflection

4.4.1. DNA in the courtroom help me to better understand my knowldege of how DNA is used to help put criminals away and even to help free innocent people. It also tuned my definition of a DNA molecule.\ and how they work.

4.5. Standard:10.4.4

5. Mitosis

5.1. SWLO

5.1.1. Content

5.1.2. Work Ethic

5.1.3. Communication

5.1.4. Collaboration

5.2. Reflection

5.2.1. Mitosis is the process of cell replication. It has given me an in depth look at the smallest of the small of the cell. This project really took us in deep and gave us a new understanding of mitosis.

6. Organelles by Monet

6.1. Project Guidelines

6.1.1. Entry Event

6.1.2. Project Calendar

6.1.3. Assesment Rubrics

6.1.4. Project Teams

6.2. Project resources

6.2.1. Analogy Video

6.2.2. Analogy Examples Article

6.2.3. Cells Alive

6.2.4. virtual cell tour

6.2.5. biology corner

6.2.6. Biology for Kids

6.2.7. Animal Cell Organelles

6.3. Team Tools

6.3.1. Group Contract Template

6.3.2. Team Project Management Log

6.3.3. Peer Collaboration Rubric

6.4. SWLO

6.4.1. Creative Problem Solving

6.4.2. Technology

6.5. Reflection

6.5.1. Organelles by monet bettered my understanding of organelles. I learned the names of each one, but also learned their jobs and what happened in their bodies when things go wrong. There is much to learn about organelles and the information seems endless. This project brings it down to earth and simplifies it all.

6.6. Standard:10.4.5

7. Microbes

7.1. Project Resources

7.1.1. Department of Health for Indiana

7.1.2. Intro to bacteria

7.1.3. I love Bacteria

7.1.4. Biology for kids

7.1.5. Encyclopedia-bacteria

7.1.6. BerkleyU. bacteria

7.1.7. msu-bacteria zoo

7.1.8. cells alove

7.1.9. bacteria-fsu

7.1.10. eureka science- bacteria

7.1.11. yellow pages

7.1.12. enchanted learning

7.1.13. new world encyclopedia-eukaryotes

7.1.14. Image of Bacteria

7.1.15. Biology Mad

7.2. Team Tools

7.2.1. Group Contract Template

7.2.2. Team Project Management Log

7.2.3. Peer Collaboration Rubric

7.3. Activities

7.3.1. Knows/Need To Knows

7.3.2. 3 Day Agenda Check

7.4. SWLO

7.4.1. Content

7.4.2. Work Ethic

7.5. Reflection

7.5.1. Although relating to the cells.This project was altogether different in the amount of information pertaining to it. The different parts of the cell it relates to gives us a lot of information about the subject. So much was learned.

7.6. Standard: 10.4.10

8. Wix.com

9. Intro Letter

10. Conclusion Letter

11. 3 essays

11.1. Oppression Essay

11.2. Harmless Entertainment

11.3. Odyssey Essay

11.4. Reflection

11.4.1. Not only has all three sessays help me understand the topics but they also extensive helped my essay structure techniques and more. The story of oddyseus had so much to gain from while the essay itself helped to build my sentence structure as did the oppression and harmless entertainment essay.

11.5. Standard: 10.1.1

12. Health Fair

12.1. SWLO

12.1.1. Collaboration

12.2. Reflection

12.2.1. The health fair not only made me look at healthy choices for life but also offered many career fields and opened my horizon to new points of my life

13. Baby No Baby

13.1. Resources

13.1.1. Punnett Square

13.1.2. Pedigree

13.2. Team Tools

13.3. Peer Collaboration Rubric

13.4. SWLO: Collaboration

13.5. Reflection

13.5.1. Being a genetic counselor is truly an experience that can be life changing. We however only got a taste and that itself was exciting. Learning new key vocabulary and techniques were useful. The most helpful part would have have to been the interview. Getting to experience an interview was helpful.

14. The Buck Starts Here

14.1. SWLO

14.1.1. Collaboration

14.1.2. Citenzenship

14.1.3. Communication

14.2. Reflection

14.2.1. The first of our algebra projects and certainly not a disappointment. This project tackles algebra from many stand points. If you want to learn algebra in a different type of learning this project will get you there.

14.3. Standard: 10.4.13

15. Genetically Modified Foods

15.1. SWLO

15.1.1. Work Ethic

15.1.2. Communication


15.2.1. Collaboration

15.2.2. Creative Problem Solving

15.3. reflection

15.3.1. Of all projects this one may have been the most informative. It relates so closely to our daily life. How what we eat everyday is good to know and this is surely suprising. This project helps understand everything behind it. It will inform you of everything you need to know about genetically modified foods.