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Portfoilo by Mind Map: Portfoilo
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This is a protfoilo of my whole somphore year and all my success I have made through out the year.

3 Essay Comparison

Animal Shelter

Dear Times newspaper, As a volunteer for the community's animal shelter, we are very concerned about our supplies.We are running low on the supplies for the variety of cats, dogs, birds, and ec..and our insufficient funds are low. We are worried about our animals for their safety and for their benefit. This place is the only home these animals have and without this shelter they will have no home at all. They already are abandoned from their owner and without us they have nobody. Without members from the shelter to take care of these animals, these animals will have nobody to look after them. These animals need all the needs as a human does and without these needs they are lonely. This shelter needs to try to make a difference, we have no idea what will  happened to the animals if there is no more supplies. Hoping this letter helps these animals and we will appreciate almost anything and support from everyone in this community.  Aa a volunteer of the community animal shelter, we decided to write to the local newspaper to express how animals and our members need help. Without the supplies these animals need they will grow hunger and without help we cannot support these animals all by our self. We have supported this organization and help these animals from the start. We are not willing to put them back on the streets and live that horrible life again. These animals are very good animals and they do not belong out there in the streets. They do not need to be wondering and searching for food to survive or find shelter to sleep. Our members here we appreciate all these animals and we love them too much to not do anything for them. We make sure they are daily needs are met everyday as needed. We just wish we could get owners to buy them so they can have a real home and a real family. If we do not have enough supplies for these animals, we have no clue where these animals will go. We are worried and cannot believe we are running out of supplies. If we run out of supplies, we as a member of this shelter, fill like a failure to these animals. We wish we could have done better for them. The people in this neighborhood does not know about our condition here at the community's animal shelter. The animal shelter  was hoping that the local newspaper could help us by having a topic in the newspaper about our condition here at the community's animal shelter. We are hoping that this letter gets out to the people in the area, so they could help us with the supplies that are needed for these animals. Hopefully the neighborhood is willing to donate some money to the shelter to help pay for some of the equipment and food needed for these animals. If we get enough donations for the supplies needed for the animals, us members and the animals will be more than grateful for these donations. If anyone is willing to donate to the community's animal shelter, or adopt an animal is more than welcome to visit our community's animal shelter here. All we want for the animals is the benefit that the other animals have with a family. So our animals here at the shelter cannot feel like an outcast to the other animals. The community animal shelter wants to thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon. We also want to thank those that are willing to donate to their community animal shelter. Not only will you make a difference in these animal's lives by donating or adopting an animal you will have a place in our hearts for what you have done. Without the help of the community we will have no other option to take or ask for help. The community is all we have to hope that they are willing to help the shelter out and the animals. We wished it did not come down to this but with insufficient funds we have no choice to and we will show our gratitude greatly to those that help us.                                                                 Thank you,                                                            The community's animal shelter    

Homeless Environment

It is the entertainment that cause these young kids to be violate and these parents or the community should be concerned. The parents and community leaders argue that violent television shows, entertainment, movies, and videos have a huge impact on their children behaviors. This is very true people that do study this topic states that the parents have every right to be concerned. Their are children in elementary school that are cussing, acting like they are in a gang, being very violate all of a sudden, and having all this hatred toward school. These parents have every right to be concerned about these children playing game that is not rated for everyone because their children can learn new things that they should not even know at their age. Entertainment is not all that bad they have educational information as advertisement, yes they have the bad things that are unappreciated, the effects in school, and they have encourage the kids to buy their product so they could stay in business. Entertainment is not bad all the time because they have TV shows that are about science, history, cartoons, learning channels, cooking shows,movie channels, suspense channels, working out channels, and exc... These shows are not a bad influence on these children but the TV shows that are like movies that are not suppose to be watched for the certain ages that these children are but they still watch it because its something they like it or just a couple of cussing. The video games have war games that are violate they have guns and these kids get so much time playing these kids they think its real. Sometimes they get so caught up and they think that the things they do in the games will not effect them or cause any consequences in real life. This kids stay while why can not do these things that the men inside my game are doing. So that when these kids decide that they will just design games and they pay less attention school and their education. The games that companies make is stuff that can actually happen in real life but you just can not be charged or have any consequences at all. These games let you steal a car, rob a bank, shoot someone, kill someone, be in a mafia, or a gang. These games are programed to meet the kids interest and teach them all about the violence that are really out there in the real world. Some games are educational like having games that feed your pet, play with babies, play with nemo, and have plenty of girl games but that does not fit the guys category. It is also the parents should also choose wisely on what their children watch and buy. What if they are not buying these products for their children and what if they are playing at a friends house and realizing what a big difference in their behavior? The different effects that are on these children is the lack of responsibility home and in school. These children are more concerned on beating the next level in the game and not concerned about what is happening to their future that awaits for them. Some children are picking up habits from these video games and are getting into a lot of trouble. These children that are very smart and just go down hill is just not acceptable to the teachers and the parents. The teachers know when the student is getting into trouble and is concerned why all of a sudden? This is because all they care about is the beating the game and not about the education. Why because the games are teaching them that they do not need books to tell them they need a job, all they need is street smarts. So this is why most students do not care about their education and nothing will not change their mind at all once they are addicted there is no going back. The companies main goal is to sell as many products as possible in a certain amount of time before they have to stop displaying it. The companies job is to create something that they know these kids like and how much of a product sold. With the product that sold the most is what they are going to keep making because they know that the product is going to make them business and is worth spending money to invest in it. So as parents and community should have a class action to prevent these companies making products that are not educational to be abandoned. To stop these companies from selling their products to these kids and the parents should abandoned these kind of games in their house and make sure that their friends that their kids hang around does not have a game that is not rated at their level.

Service Learning Project

What is the reason why kids these days are so lazy or do you think they just have to many things on their schedule these days? Some kids just believe that helping or lending a hand is useless and that they prefer is video games.Can teachers do everything in their power to really help students become problem solvers or is it useless? Kids are so active these days that they have technology,projects that solve real world problems , figuring out whom it will benefit in the future,and what they are willing to do to prove their point across. The students here at Calumet High School are just too busy with the new arrangements that are assigned to us. A new system that not only does the students have to follow, but also the staff members. The 21st century is totally different more technology based and more problem solving. All this technology that we have is so crazy, that we have one electronic device and it does everything for us right there before our eyes. Kids are so use to getting everything handed to them it is crazy. Any project that students do is helpful to the community, because they come up with ideas that could make a change in the world. Every project so far has impressed many speakers and got many accomplishments for their work. Students at Calumet High School have all the technology they need in order to do a project base learning assignment. The teachers here assign all the projects that are related not only to the real world, but also the state standards. Many students learn from these project based assignments, that they never knew before. All grades get a life learning assignment that requires all to think out of the box and go beyond to problem solve. Teachers contact all members from the outside that is related to our project and ask them if they will like to express their job and what their requirements are every day? Knowing that a person that works in that field to come to our school and take time to tell us interesting stuff is just so amazing!! Doing these projects that teachers assigned are benefiting us students a lot. If we did not have speakers to come in and share we will have no idea what really goes on out there in the real world. Knowing what they have to go through everyday and how hard it is must be a big challenge for them. As students we realize that it is no joke we have to be active now, so later that we could look at it as a piece of cake instead of a challenge. Speakers also convince kids to stop being lazy and stop playing those video games and help the environment out. The more you help out your community the better for everybody. Would you want other people knowing that you did nothing to make a difference in somebodies life or in something? All people ask is for is a little from the students, but the students just think that it is not worth it. Then you have those wonderful students that are willing to help out everyone or everything, because they have a loving heart to others and themselves. We just wish every student could at least participate in making a difference in this world. Kids at school show their full potential to everybody to show them that they are willing to do what ever it takes to make a difference in the real world. Some students that go home and make a difference is wonderful, but does not try to make a difference here at school is a problem for the community. They will do things to make a difference here at home which is a start, but eventually they will start lending their hands to people in need everywhere. Students are willing to make a difference and so are the staff members here at Calumet High School.

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Law Education

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Semester One - Organelle Review

Postive Attitude Journal

My friend Jackie had fought through a great adversity by growing up with a family that didn't care about her and about her education. She would always call me and I would hear her mother and father fighting. If you asked her where did she spend majority of her time she would say “Marcelina house or at school”. She would cry at school and I never knew what would happened but all I could do was give her positive feedback and hope she wouldn't follow her family's history. So far we talk all the time and she lives with her grandma and she is still making a difference in this by taking my advice. I always told her that god made her come in this world to become something better then your family so please don't become something your not. She told me that she was glad we are friends because without my help, she would be following their steps to please her emotions. She took five steps to get through living with her parents she would go to school, join a sport, run blocks outside, take a shower, and lock herself in her room before she met me. Afterward she would just do the first three and then she would just hang out at my house and sleep over in some occasions. Research that has been completed on the mind-body connection is Dr. Richard J. Davidson, director of the University of Wisconsin's Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience published a paper in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which showed that negative thinking actually weakens the immune system.2 (Having a healthy immune system is extremely important to the successful treatment of any ailment.) The people around you can have a profound influence on your own life and attitude. When you are facing a difficult challenge like melanoma, it’s important to surround yourself with the people in your life who are positive thinkers with positive attitudes. When do spend more and more time with positive people, you will find that their attitude starts to transfer to you. I think the more positive feedback you get the more you want to show them that you want to do something with your life and make them proud. Knowing that you have all the positive feedback from all these different people makes you feel good inside. If you get negative feedback you start to feel depression and could end up hurting yourself or doing something you would regret doing. So that is why I am there for everybody becomes I could just imagine what they are going through because I was born and raised with a WONDERFUL FAMILY AND I LOVE THIM LIKE YOU COULD NEVER IMAGINE HOW MUCH OR YOU CAN'T PUT A NUMBER ON THE LOVE I HAVE FOR THEM!!!!!

Health Fair Extra Credit

DNA in the Courtroom



Time Capsule


      The Odyssey Persuasive Essay It all began in the 17th century when the Trojan war began and Odyssey had began this wonderful idea in order to defeat the Trojans. This man went on this journey and never came back after the war because he had to face challenges in order to over come this challenges it took him 20 years to return to his home Ithaca and his beautiful wife and son. While he was on his journey he had to use his skills in order to defeat this challenges and he also had help from the goddess of Athena. It took 10 years for the long war against the Trojans to end and the men that survived this tragic was being greedy and decided to take everything they could possibly take with them back to Ithaca.  When Odysseus was captured by Calypso she kept him for 7 years by trapping him and using her beauty to full fill his and in order for him to stay with her. In till one day Zeus send one of his messenger to tell Circe that she had to let him go and if she didn't there were gonna be consequences. So as he demanded it she got ride of him and told him that she didn't need him anymore. Odysseus is the only man that survived this tragic war and he tried his hardest to fight for his men and tried to prevent them from dying but in the end he knew he couldn't not even as hard as he tried. This war made history not because of the victory its because how a servant that is poor came up with a trick to use that could work in order to defeat the Trojans and a man brave enough to defeat the challenges that occurred and the ones that had helped him face the goddess. This made history because the goddess is something that we can cherished in the future because today we don't have any goddess and when we read back in history and we read about goddess and hear what kind of powers they have we think that's pretty interesting. The students want to learn all about the ancient Greece gods and who was the higher rank and what were there powers. Some history are not very interesting like the gods of Greek or who invented the first car. Some history gets very boring and the students are like is this history because the students love to read something that s interesting and not boring. Like World War one and two some people thought it was sad because all the people that lost their lives and people thought it was boring because war stories put them to sleep. Some people get very interested in history because all history are not the same. our ancestors wrote this special events down on piece of paper for a reason and their has to be a reason was that so. Some students believe its like a treasure map waiting to find the right documents and cant wait to see the treasure. Some students believe its in the past why is it so interesting or why do students have to learn this if this is ancient history. What the students believe if its not this year or their time of being why should it be important. Some students realize that the more you read on a topic from ancient history you get more attached to that subject and want to read. Some topics get you tired in history and nobody really know that meanings of history because everyday is history not only for us but the ones that are in need to come. As human beings people believe we should not only know whats going on with today society but also learn about how we came about today. Like how did we learn how to read and write? Who taught us to walk and talk? Not only do we ask questions about history and we still to this day have no answers why we do what we do? Some people relate back to the history to see if we could find the answer but they can't because they have no idea because they didn't know what was going on they only know the knowledge they have because of the documents they found and received. Like Odysseus is a hero because he followed and let Athena help because he knows what powers she has and what she is worthy in doing for him. In doing this for him he obeys what she does and does so Emily's group decided in doing this that Odysseus was a hero because when he arrived home and he saw the men trying to take over and use his servants in order to take his place. So Odysseus knows if he didn't kill those men and they found out that he was still alive the suitors would have eventually killed him because they believe that they should have his thrown and all his belongings. So in this case Emily's group decided that he wasn't a killer because he was just claiming and protecting his throne. In this case yes it seems harsh in murdering all these men but in this case as students Emily's group believes that this was self-defense. In the other occasions that made it seem like Odysseus was a murder like by stabbing the poor cyclopes in the eye in order to escape and he didn't stop the cyclopes from picking up some of his men. In Emily's group believed that the men were in the wrong because the men were in the cyclopes house eating his food and then they give the cyclopes some wine to make him drunk and they trick him by stabbing him in the eye. That's just wrong but Emily's group decided that in order for them to survive they had to sacrifice some men in order to leave in peace yes its wrong but we believe that Odysseus is a hero because he is the one that came up with this theory to stab the cyclopes so his men can escape. Some tricks he did was very not only to save his life but to save his men so they all can go home to Ithaca with their families and friends and that is what a hero is they just don't think about themselves they think about every body else and but himself last in any cases. All Odysseus wanted was to get his men home so they could meet reunite with their family.

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