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Artifacts by Mind Map: Artifacts
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Pieces to my portfolio.


The purpose of doing this project was to show different types of oppression in various parts of the world. The quality of my webpage turned out to be eacellent and i was very happy about it. The standard WH.5.2 was covered in my document clearly for anyone to read. I used the Wix program to create my webpage. Using technology skills was vital in being able to do this project. Other SWLO's that were greatly involved were work ethic and problem solving. Without problem solving i never would have been able to figure out how to use Wix. In the future I am going to play around with Wix more to create more professional-like webpages.



Parabola Video

Making a simple informational video about parabola's and how they work, became a slight challenge but my group and I were able to pull it together and learn the standards along with the driving question: When will we ever use this? Using the standard, (A2.4.1) our video came along excellently and it included the answer to the question: When will we ever use this? The standard was to simply be able to write a parabola equation and be able to graph it on a grid. The ending grade was not a good one but I scored big points on technology and work ethic. I expected the grade to be not so good because others in the group did not want to work as hard or participate. For continued success, in the future I plan to make sure all of my group members understand the content. People who do not wish to be part of the group or work hard, will be removed.


Video link.

Industrial Rev.

The point of doing this project is to teach people how the industrial revolution changed the social, economical, and culture throughout the world. the quality on this project was decent though I did not put in a huge amount of work into it. The covered standards (WH.6.1) is clearly explained through my knowledge. My group and I created a diaroma of a specific invention form the industrial revolution and explained how it impacted the world in many different ways. In the future, I plan on growing and learning how to make projects like that, better and to create something extra that is going to excentuate my main product.

Spinning Mule



3 Essay

The purpose of all three of these essays is to demonstrate that I know how to create a piece of writing grammer and punctuation free, and I am able to use the writing process effectively. Along with being able to write diffrent forms of essays (persuasion, expository) poetry is also included. Writing these 3 pieces was alot of work along with tons of revisions, and submissions. In the future, as I keep on writing, I will get better in what I do so my ideas within my pieces will get clearer, I no longer have punctuation errors..etc.



Cancer Video

The quality of my video was excellent and it also cushioned my presentation. Creating the video was extremely simple when i used windows movie maker to complete it. Adding the music was a little difficult but i was able to cut it at the right time so that a new song was able to play at the next different part. The standards that were covered, HW.1.5. For continued success, i plan on improving my information and editing skills so my project can come accross more effectively. I am still awaiting the grade for this project but i am very excited on the outcome. I anticipate to recieve high scores for creativity and good information.

Youtube link


Baby no Baby

Baby no Baby is about looking at famlies and their genetics so that we can figure out weather a couple's children will be affected with a certain disease or not. This includes looking at family history and learning about various diseases and their treatments. Making a Pedigree was easy once I was shown how it works. Figuring out the genotypes was the difficult part. The Standard in which we covered was fully covered in my project. The grade that was recieved is yet known, but I feel really good about it. I put in alot of Work Ethic and Communication skills. I will continue to practice speaking and presenting my information the best that I can to improve in the speaking area of my project.


HW.1.4 Example: Examine personal health-related actions that can reduce the risk and/or delay the onset of potential genetic and family health problems  



The purpose for this artifact is for me to show my skills as a writer and how much I have improved on my poetry writing. The standard associated with this(standard 5) has the parts that are shown in my poetry. As far as continued success, I plan on continuing to write poetry with or without it being for a grade because in enjoy it.

Standard 5: WRITING: Applications

Time Capsule

The purpose of the time capsule was to reflect on what drives you to want to stay and finish high school. We were to bring in one item that ment the most to us and put it into a box. When we presented to the class, we were being video taped on our speaking skills. Of course, everything got emotional really quickly for everyone. The product I brought in was something someone else made for me and it was still in good condition. My speaking skills were good at first, then they changed as my emotions changed. I got a really good grade on my project. For continued success, I am working on being able to control my emotions so that I am able to get accross what I need to without having any problems.

Standard 7: LISTENING AND SPEAKING: Skills, Strategies, and Applications

Introduction Letter

Conclusion Letter

My personal Website

I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about me and my life :)