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English Portfolio by Mind Map: English Portfolio
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English Portfolio

The buck starts here



This project was basically about fund-raising. My group and I had to fund raise shirts. Next time me and my group could have better designs on our t-shirts.


Cancer project



The point of this project was to fund raise money for Sue Gabbert who has passed away. My job for this project was to think of ideas that would help raise money. My group and I decided to have a student vs. teachers basketball game.I would say I did a good job in this project. Next time I could  go bigger and think out of the box.

cancer powerpoint

Oppression website



My assignement was to make a webpage about slavery. In order for me to get an A, I had to have everything the rubric asked for. I had to have pictures that showed what my topic was about, which was the slave trade in South Africa. Next time I could challenge myself more & stive to get a better grade by taking more time and putting more effort into my work.


3 essay comparison



These are three esssays that I have done throughout this years course.



Question: Some parents and community leaders argue that violent television shows, movies, and video games encourage violent behavior. Fans contend that these shows and games are only entertainment and do not influence viewers' behavior. With which view do you agree? Write an essay supporting your position. Explain the reasons why you believe it is the right side. Use examples to strengthen your argument.   Essay: Everyone has a different point of view. Some people may agree that Violent shows, movies and video games do encourage violent behaviors of children, some may disagree. In this particular situation children are influenced by actors and actresses behaviors on television. Certain television shows are not appealing for children of all ages. Parents have the right to limit their child's ability of what shows to watch and what shows not to watch. Their are shows on TV that shouldn't be viewed by everyone of all ages. For example the show " Skins" shouldn't be viewed by children of younger ages. Entertainment has become very inappropriate. Parents should talk to their children and teens about the misunderstanding message TV shows give off. This goes for movies as well. Movies all have a point to being made, but not all movies are appropriate for everyone. Some movies may be about drugs, sex, violence,murder, or simply humor. Tho these topics may be appealing to children of all ages. Children may be influenced by the wrong things. A child can take murder as something less than what it really is because it's viewed in a movie or television show. Everyone can pick up a bad habit from television or a movie, or even a video game. Most parents will buy their children a video game without knowing what it's really about. Almost every game now a days is about shooting or killing someone or something. These types of games may be fun and entertaining. This doesn't mean that its the right kind of game for everyone. Certain people are easily influenced by things they see and hear. For instance if a baby hears someone cursing there automatically going to pick up on it and repeat these words. Same goes for video games, just because you kill or shoot something with a controller doesn't mean you can go out and kill someone or something in the real world. Not everyone is as intelligent as other people. A video game can be taken the wrong way. In conclusion television shows, movies and video games can influence violent behaviors. Parents should be more concerned about what their children watch and play. Movies and television shows are not meant to be viewed by everyone. Before buying a video game or a movie a revision should be looked at and an age group should be set for who can and cannot watch or play certain games or movies or television shows. Television doesn't always broadcast the right things.  




For this assignment I had to think of words that would describe me. I thought of some good words to describe me.Next time I could think of some more professional words.


Baby no baby

HW.1.4 Examine the impact that genetics can have on personal health.



For this project my assignment was to make a pedigree of a families history. I was given the history of the family and had to make a pedigree. I had to explain the proof of the history and if there was a trait that was going to be carried to the next generation. This project was one of my good ones, Next time I could take more interest in it and look of certain words and diseases.

Industrial revolution


henry ford


For this project my group and I were assigned to do a project on Henry Ford, he invented the first assembly line. My group and I also had to make a diorama. I think we did a good job on this project. I could have gone out and got actual toy cars to put in the diorama.

Visual vocab




I have learned many different ways to study vocab words. You can study vocabulary with flash cards, memory games, or visually. My assignment for this project was to get a picture for each vocab word & make it into a slide show. I think I did a really good job on this project and if I could have made it any better I would have took more time to make my slides prettier.   





Friends and Family

New node

New node



intro letter


  Jennah Reyes block 3 Intro letter. Dear Reader, Hello, my name is Jennah Reyes. I am a sophomore at Calumet High School. First of all, I would like to thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to read and reflect on my work. You will be reading and looking over some of my sophomore projects during the course of this year. However, I hope you find my portfolio to be interesting because I have really put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. Throughout the year, high school has really helped me to overcome a few of my weaknesses. For example, staying on task use to be a major problem for me. Every time I tried to complete an assignment, somehow I would always get distracted and then continue to stay off task. Also, procrastination has became another issue for me. But in order to fix those weaknesses, I have changed them into goals that I would like to accomplish.