Animal Cell

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Animal Cell by Mind Map: Animal Cell

1. plasma membrane

1.1. outer surface that regulates entrance and exit of molecules

2. Lysosome

2.1. vesicle that digests macromolecules and even cell parts

3. centrosome

3.1. microtubule organizing center that contains a pair of centrioles

4. vesicle

4.1. a membrane bounded sac that stores and transports substances

5. Endoplasmic reticulum

5.1. rough : studded with ribosomes

5.2. smooth : lacks ribosomes , synthesizes lipid molecules

6. mitochondrion

6.1. organelle that carries out cellular respiration , producing ATP molecules

7. golgi apparatus

7.1. processes , packages , and secretes modified cell products

8. cytoskeleton

8.1. maintains cell shape and assists movement of cell parts

8.1.1. Intermediate filaments : protein fibers that provide support and strength

8.1.2. Actin filaments : protein fibers that play a role in movement of cell and organelles

8.1.3. Microtubules : cylinder of protein molecules present in cytoplasm , centrioles , cilia , and flagella

9. Centrioles

9.1. short cylinders of microtubules of unknown function

10. cytoplasm

10.1. semi fluid matrix outside nucleus that contains organelles

11. Nucleus

11.1. nuclear envelope : double membrane with nuclear pores that encloses nucleus

11.2. chromatin : diffuse threads containing DNA and protein

11.3. nucleolus : region that produces subunits of ribosomes

12. ribosomes

12.1. particles that carry out protein synthesis

13. polyribosome

13.1. string of ribosomes simultaneously synthesizing same protein