Kimberly Long's Mind Map Portfolio

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Kimberly Long's Mind Map Portfolio by Mind Map: Kimberly Long's Mind Map Portfolio

1. Standard: 10.2.1 Analyze the structure and format of various informational documents and explain how authors.

2. The purpose being in study island is to go over the things you know how to do and get them right if you miss the problems. Study island helps you to know what you need to study. I like how it tells you if the answer you picked is wrong or right.

3. Study Island

4. Artifact <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="410" height="342"></iframe>

5. GMF Presentation

5.1. Standard 1.5.2

6. Reflection: I learned that GMF Genetically modified Foods are made by inserting genes of other species into their DNA. Though this kind of genetic modification is used both in plants and animals, it is found more commonly in the former than in the later.One of the major advantages of genetically modified foods is that they help in controlling the occurrence of certain diseases. There are some foods that cause allergy to people when consumed.

7. Math NWEA

7.1. Standard 10.4.2 use a computer to answer the question.

7.2. The NWEA helped me out because, it let me know what I have to do to get my score higher. It also kept me motivated to do better the next time I take the test.

7.3. Artifacts: I went up 8 points on the NWEA. I received a 208.

8. New node

9. standards- 10.4.9using computer design docouments intext notes and biblographies follwoing the formats

10. T-shirt fundraiser

10.1. Artifacts: Volunteer Fundraiser In the volunteer fundraiser they have to come up with $1600. There are 16 students willing to volunteer. They are only allowed to work one 4-hour shift each weeknight and one 8-hour shift each weekend day. No student is allowed to work more than 4 hours in a week. Therefore, we will come up with a graph showing calculations for the fundraiser. In order to find out the calculations for reaching our goal we have to multiply 160 hours by $10 which would give us $1600 and that's how we get our answer. To get the answer for how many 8 hr days would they have to work we divided 160 by 8hrs and came up with 20hrs. The students will have to work 44 hours and for the 8 hrs shifts during the work will equal 4weeks. If they worked 8 hrs shifts on the weekend days it will be 10 weeks for them to reach their goal. Working 4 hrs shifts during the week came up with the answer and got 8 weeks. If the students worked 4 hours shifts on weekend days 20 weeks to reach their goal. In conclusion, I think that this was a good fundraiser. It has helped us to find out how long it would take to raise money for the fundraiser. We have been able to come up with an equation that we can use to help solve the total number of hours we would have to work in order to reach our goal. Therefore, yes this is a good fundraiser.

10.1.1. New node

10.2. Reflection: I have learn from this on how to produce the fundraiser and the costs. The T-shirt Fundraiser Helped me with the graphing. I learned how to make it exciting and something that people would want to wear.

11. Knock Out keeping restaurant clean.

11.1. Standard- 1.5.2

11.2. artifacts: <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="555" height="451"></iframe>

11.3. Reflection: I learned on how to keep up a business that you may own and you will have to keep it clean just in case any inspecters may come into the place and try to mark things down. If I ever own a food place, I will make sure everything is in order and the food and the cooking tools will be very clean.

12. History of Ernesto Che Guevara

12.1. Artifacts:

12.2. Reflection: I have learned about Ernesto Guevara all the things he accomplished and did. Also who he have worked with.