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my life by Mind Map: my life

1. Oppression

1.1. webpage link

1.1.1. New node

1.2. web page ela 2

1.3. i learned with the web page oppression that slavery was bad back in the 1800 and the afircan americans was treated bad and should of never been treated like that. they ould have the blacks working for nothing and getting beat ever day if they didnt listen and living in shacks that no body should of been living in. they would have there owners come in at any time and rap the female and beat the males and treat the kids with no respect. then if they didnt listen they get beat to death. so they really had no choice and they cant really take showers so they would go weeks sometimes months. If they would run away they would get there toes cut off so they could not run any more. then they would be tired up to a tree and the would wipe them untill they felt tired or untill the next guy wanted some

2. the adventures of marco polo

2.1. I learned in the Adventured of Marco Polo is that he was a incredible for what he did and i also learned about a lot of religions and what the religions did to survive in life.which they work a lot harder then what we do but anyways i learned a lot about Marco Polo and how he liked to take tripes and adventures. He was one of the first Europeans to travel into Mongolia and China.A lot of people looked up to him and still to this day people still look up to him. they even named a swimming game after him.

2.2. ela 1 and 4

2.3. judaism link

3. the buck starts here

3.1. ela 1 and 2

3.2. with this project it was my first and i learned how to work everything and i learned how to work in groups and get along with some of the kid that i didnt like.i had to make a tee shirt and see how many people would buy it. i had to see if we could make a profit off it and it had to be a symbol to the school but it could not have a Indian on it. to be honest i remember that it had to be a homecoming shirt.

4. sports

4.1. i love to play football and basketball i still play baseball but thats just to keep me in shape for football and basketball i love riding my dirt bike on my free time and i love to keep orking in the summer time. in the summer time i always busy. i never really ever have any time unless its in the morning. which i really dont have that much time in the morning at all. then i work untill like 7 or 8 at night. then thats when i go out and hang out with friends

4.2. link

5. cancer reach

5.1. power point

5.2. i learned with the cancer reach porject that anybody can get cancer and its hard work that they have to deal with it untill its gone. they sleep all the time plus in pain all the time then they have to deal with the therapy and are always sick. then some days they can be ok and then the next day they cant even walk or even move to get out of bed. They always have somebody with them to help but then some of them fight through it and some of them can but some of them its gets to hard and they just give up.

5.3. cancer reach link

5.4. ela 2

6. the industrial revolution

6.1. the industrial revolution

6.2. ela 1 and 6

6.3. I learned in the Industrial revolution on how things where built back in the 1800 and 1900 and that it was a lot easier then what it is now. It was a lot easier to buy the thing they need to then what it is now because they're economy was a loot better then what it is now. I also learned a lot about inventors and how they do things.

7. math interim

7.1. what i learned with the math interim is it helps you remember all of what you went over and helps you get better grade

7.2. ela 5 and 6