Game Designer World Of Warcraft

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Game Designer World Of Warcraft by Mind Map: Game Designer World Of Warcraft

1. S.T.A.R. Moment

1.1. revolutionize Gaming!

1.1.1. My Life goal is to make a Video game where virtual reality can no longer hold back the dreams of the fantastic.

1.1.2. Create World of Warcraft into the next Sword Art Online with enhanced virtual reality game play.

1.1.3. Give facts to prove why this would be an idea to remember.

1.2. Show Possibility of turning a world renown game into something bigger.

2. Presentation story

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Talk about my different perspective and how it can help them be successful

2.1.2. resonate with your audience by identifying your story that expresses your desire to work in the chosen industry. talk about myself and history interests education experience with gaming

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Talk about what can be. Facts

2.2.2. How can i help move forward into new Video Games for Blizzard entertainment. talk about skills and knowledge talk about my background

2.3. End

2.3.1. what I want to accomplish in the industry and how can we do that together. Talk about classes that I can take at full sail with my field of study staying up to date without it costing my employer

2.3.2. Qualities when it comes to work

3. Target Audiences

3.1. Blizzard Entertainmet

3.1.1. Why Blizzard Entertainment? Blizzard has been leading the gaming world since 1994 World of Warcraft is the leading mmorpg in video game genre I play World of warcraft

3.1.2. Eight Core Values Game play first, commit to quality, play nice play fair,embrace your inner geek,every voice matters,think globally,lead responsibly,learn and grow

3.1.3. What do we have in common? We both love games! Industry to grow and meet the masses with their video games. Improve the games they already have. New and invigorating game design skills.

3.1.4. Main Audience Team World of warcraft Involvement of World of Warcraft as well as quality of employees and how well they work together. President/CEO Michael Morhaime Cheif Development officer Frank Pearce

4. Mission statement

4.1. "Dedicated to making the most epic entertainment experiences... ever."

5. How will blizzard would benefit my call to action?

6. Christian Cooley 10/8/2017 2.4 assignment planning a presentation

7. Christian Cooley

7.1. Graduate of Full Sail University

7.1.1. Full Sail University provided opportunity and resources of gaming industry Experienced internships at austin texas blizzard entertainment Knowledge and know how for programming and design Advance Literature skills portfolio for resume and show of experience mechanics of world building Fresh outlook with a perspective of a game designer for new age video games

7.1.2. Full Sail Offer CEU courses for graduated students willing to learn and keep up with chosen industry.

7.2. Before Full Sail University

7.2.1. Certification for massage therapy, Massage Therapist for 6 years Trainer for New and upcoming massage therapists. Sports Therapy Physical Therapy

7.2.2. Waiter for many different restaurants, public speaking skills. Leadership Classes In High school.

7.2.3. Airsofter Leading teams through Milsim Events, team oriented sponsored by local airsoft company for advertisement.

7.3. Currently

7.3.1. Willingness to travel and be advantageous for community events

7.3.2. Skilled in running Small business Lead Massage therapist during 2012-2016 Professional experience with the public Business owner of CJC4MASSAGE

7.3.3. Goal oriented

7.3.4. Self Disciplined to achieve what is given before me.

7.3.5. years of experience for video gaming lasting from original Nintendo to the newest virtual reality of ps4.

8. Results I'm Looking for

8.1. Reason

8.1.1. why my experience benefited them?

8.1.2. show skills,knowledge,uniqueness

8.1.3. vision behind reasoning.

8.2. How Impacting.

8.2.1. Intrigue them to want to see you in action

8.2.2. something understood to talk about later

8.3. Results I want

8.3.1. Impressed and inspired

8.3.2. teach them something new

8.3.3. Hire me to work in World of Warcraft design team.

9. Big Idea?

9.1. Create a virtual reality for world of Warcraft.

9.2. This Idea could revolutionize modern mmorpgs for blizzard entertainment.

9.3. I want to create a real life sensory for our virtual reality games.

10. Best 25+ World of warcraft wallpaper ideas on Pinterest | World of Warcraft, Warcraft art and Warcraft legion

10.1. Citing Picture with this LInk