Mise En Scene

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Mise En Scene by Mind Map: Mise En Scene

1. Costume

1.1. Youthful

1.1.1. Image of 'teens'

1.1.2. Traditional 80s and 90s style costume

1.2. Sunglasses

1.2.1. 'Cool' look

1.3. Caps (worn backwards for 'street cred')

1.4. Different colours for separate artists

1.4.1. DAN Red hoodie Shorts Sunglasses Cap worn backwards Trainers

1.4.2. DAVE Blue hoodie Jeans / jean shorts Bling Trainers

1.5. Blng

1.5.1. Show wealth - highlight power Conventional

2. Lighting/Colour

2.1. Some dull effects

2.1.1. But plenty of colour to make it visually exciting

2.2. Performance shots well lit to make them visible

2.3. Narrative shots have different colour effects to performance shots to give definite difference between them

2.3.1. Done in post-production

3. Location

3.1. Grimey, urban

3.1.1. Town/city 'Unknown' to audience Focus on artists and performance not location

3.2. Performance shots in front of a wall

3.2.1. Graffiti'd??

3.2.2. Possible green screen

3.3. Narrative shots in relatable locations

3.3.1. Bar / Restaurant / Club

3.3.2. Easy to recognise + understand

4. Props

4.1. Drinks in narrative shots with female

4.1.1. Show social interaction

4.1.2. Relatable

4.2. Car

4.2.1. Wealth, money, power

4.2.2. Green screen over back windscreen - different locations

5. Special Effects

5.1. Colour manipulation for differentiation

5.1.1. More info in colour section

5.2. Green screen effect

5.2.1. Put car in different place Lots of options

5.2.2. Enables filming in car without having car moving - make it look as though it is moving

5.2.3. Combine with whatever footage I like