Human trafficking solutions

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Human trafficking solutions by Mind Map: Human trafficking solutions

1. Make boarder control more secure

1.1. E- By making boarder controls more secure it benefits society because it will offer people more jobs.

1.1.1. T-this will require more advanced technology so that it can be used to search people passing the boarder.

1.1.2. possible problems could include a rise in taxes which could cause financial problems for people who may not be able to afford it.

2. Start a world wide census

2.1. By doing this, it means everyone is counted and therefore no one will be able to go missing without someone knowing about it.

2.1.1. L- laws would need to be passed

2.1.2. P- everyone would have to agree from across the country to make a worldwide census.

2.1.3. possible problems include not everyone responding or they may not be completed correctly.

3. Make sanctions stricter to discourage human trafficking

3.1. we could create stricter laws and punishments so less people would involve themselves in human trafficking. this would reduce the number of criminals taking part in human trafficking.

3.1.1. P- A discussion will need to take place between important political people to determine new stricter punishments. L- if laws are made stricter less people will be involved. possible problems- there may be an increase in cost in prisons if there are more prisoners and if they are keeping them for longer.

4. Create more human trafficking charities and raise money for them

5. Investigate companies with over seas factories to check for forced labour

5.1. This would involve going into factories over seas and investigating their workers to see if they're being paid to work or if they are being forced to work. this would help people that are too scared to tell someone about them being forced into labour.

5.1.1. L- this will make people more aware of the law and make more people stick to it.

5.1.2. T- undercover people will have to go into the factories and take pictures of the workplace and the employees working there and to look at cctv, to ensure that all the workers are treated properly and are not being forced.

5.1.3. possible problems include the company covering up their forced labour, because they may know about the visit before hand.

6. Add human trafficking into the school curriculum

6.1. S- By adding human trafficking into the school curriculum, it will help people have a better understanding on human trafficking and it can also help people notice signs of human trafficking throughout their lives which could potentially prevent some people from becoming victims of it because people will be more aware

6.1.1. P- The administer of education will have to agree with adding it into the school curriculum. S- inform more children of human trafficking to make them aware of the signs of it. there is possible problems with this because not every school would agree and it may be hard to find the time to fit it in. In Jamaica it has been introduced into the school curriculum to help the human trafficking situation.