Solutions to 'An ageing population is an issue that many countries are facing'

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Solutions to 'An ageing population is an issue that many countries are facing' by Mind Map: Solutions to 'An ageing population is an issue that many countries are facing'

1. Economic

1.1. Increasing age of retirement

1.1.1. Improve the economy as they will have a bigger workforce contributing to it

1.1.2. Increases the amount of experienced staff members

1.1.3. Would decrease the number of dependent citizens and therefore aid the growth of the economy

1.1.4. More tax revenue and consumer spending

1.1.5. Limits job opportunities for younger workers/ new graduates trying to start their careers

1.2. Forcing people to save a proportion of their income

1.2.1. Allow people to feel more economically secure in their retirement

1.2.2. People may feel they don't want to save anything as it's their money and they can do with it as they see fit

1.3. Encourage private pensions

1.3.1. Reduces government pension burden

1.3.2. Private companies may not have sufficient funds to provide adequate pensions so government means tested pensions would still be needed

2. Political

2.1. Provide society especially older generations with more information especially concerning elections and government policies

2.1.1. Would ensure that the people voting have to live with their choices for a number of years after, so they would be more reserved when making their vote

2.1.2. They would make a more informed choice rather than a choice based on personal views

2.1.3. This would cost the economy more money in resources needed to spread policies nationally

3. Social

3.1. Allow older people to do charity/ volunteer work regularly

3.1.1. Helps charities to grow and improve their business and therefore profits raised for the cause

3.1.2. Keeps older people more active and able bodied, potentially reducing demand for social care

3.1.3. Denies younger generations gaining volunteer work as they take up more of the vacancies

3.2. Euthanise people over 65

3.2.1. Ends suffering of the dying

3.2.2. Gives dignity to a dying person

3.2.3. It is humane

3.2.4. Goes against ethics

3.2.5. It is against the oath of physicians

3.2.6. It can become the norm and urge people to do the same

3.2.7. Controversial method of dealing with an ageing population

4. Technological

4.1. Curing illnesses using technology such as radiotherapy that would otherwise leave a person in care for a wide proportion of their life

4.1.1. This decreases the resources available for younger people with similar conditions

4.1.2. Some people may not want to go through many hours of treatment and would rather live with the illness and have a shorter life rather than have a longer life involving treatment

4.1.3. Would allow people more time with their family than if they didn't receive any treatment and their illness deteriorating their health further

4.1.4. Allows people to still contribute to the economy even when they have retired