Mixtures VS Pure Substances

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Mixtures VS Pure Substances by Mind Map: Mixtures VS Pure Substances

1. Pure Substances

1.1. Pure substances have nothing added to them

1.1.1. Compounds can also be pure substances. although they are a mixture, they have the same atom structure which makes them pure Some examples - H2O, Salt, Hydrogen Chloride

1.2. Pure substances can be elements because pure substances all have the same atoms in them, making them one element, or a compound

1.2.1. Some examples - Oxygen, Hydrogen, Lead, Gold

2. Mixtures

2.1. Mixtures can be pure substances

2.2. Mixtures are made up of multiple substances that have different atoms, and structure.

2.3. Heterogeneous Mixtures

2.3.1. Heterogeneous mixtures, are mixtures that contain more than one element/substance

2.4. Homogeneous Mixtures

2.4.1. Homogeneous Mixtures are mixtures that take multiple phases or states when being added/subtracted to/from something

2.4.2. Not to be confused with Homogeneous mixtures, but solutions are when states of matter are homogeneously separated into another substance

2.5. Mixtures can be separated in many ways, you can use a magnet to separate metals from another substance. A mixture doesn't have to stay a mixture