My Journey Towards Global Energy Access - TEDxVienna 2017

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My Journey Towards Global Energy Access - TEDxVienna 2017 by Mind Map: My Journey Towards Global Energy Access - TEDxVienna 2017

1. Why can't we harvest ambient wind energy using the Piezoelectric Effect?

1.1. Experiment showed that attaching leaf appendages creates big power output

1.2. Solar Power

1.2.1. New advances, more flexible and inexpensive, lower prices

1.2.2. Why does it account for only 2%? Depends on sun

1.3. What if we could harvest both wind and sun at the same time, in a scalable way, with waste and recycled materials?

1.3.1. HARVEST


2.1. Two prototypes

2.1.1. Harvest 1.5 Costs under 5 dollars

2.2. Applications

2.2.1. Developing countries Basic necessities

2.2.2. Urban areas Surface of buildings

2.2.3. Rural and remote areas Emergency situations

2.3. Takeaways

2.3.1. Global energy crisis is not solvable by one invention or inventor, we must come together to tackle these global challenges

2.3.2. Problem is lack of implementation, not lack of ideas > implementation is key

2.3.3. Anyone can try to make a difference, you are never too young or too inexperienced

3. Speaker


3.1.1. Student Inventor | USA

3.1.2. Maanasa Mendu (@MaanasaMendu02) | Twitter

4. Over 1.2 billion people in the world lack access to electricity

5. Over 80% of our energy supply come from non-renewable energy sources

6. Goal

6.1. create an inexpensive and globally applicable energy solution

6.2. Piezoelectric Effect

6.2.1. Produces electricity from people's footsteps

6.2.2. mechanical stress is applied > electrical charge is produced