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Brand Map by Mind Map: Brand Map

1. Who I Love to Work With

1.1. Women Who are Ready to Take Action Women Who Understand the Importance of Investing in Themselves Women Freelancers with Big Dreams and Goals Women Who are Willing to Learn New Things and Try New Techniques

2. Personality/Interests

2.1. All Things Disney Dr. Who Harry Potter Makeup — even though I rarely wear it Shopping — Finding a Good Deal/Couponing Handbags, Purses, Backpacks, etc. Travel Reading Writing Mindset Work Talking About Business/Money/New Ideas

3. Values/Beliefs

3.1. Community Matters Whenever Possible, Over Deliver Creating Solid Relationships is Extremely Important High-End Products that are Affordable Being Active Within My Online Community so People Feel Comfortable Reaching Out

4. Weaknesses

4.1. I'm Not a Great Listener I Don't Know Anything About Webinars or Video Tutorials I'm Scattered and Unorganized

5. Strengths

5.1. Kind of a Techie I'm Great at Motivating People Writing Online Marketing Understand the Freelancer Mindset and Struggles I Have a Knack for Helping People See the Big Picture I'm Great with Setting Goals and Breaking Them Down to Make Them More Manageable I'm Not Afraid to Try New Things or Business Techniques

6. How Can I Help?

6.1. I Know How to Leverage Social Media and Other Online Tools to Find High-Paying Clients I Know How to Write Pitches that Get Responses I Know All of the Techie Stuff a lot of Writers Don't Understand I Understand and Have Used Different Forms of Online and Social Media Marketing Techniques

7. Unique Spin

7.1. I Believe in Teaching the How-To, Not Just the "What" I can Explain Techie Stuff to People in a Way That Makes Sense I Enjoy Sharing Methods and Strategies that Get Results I Love to Teach and Help Others

8. Why I Care

8.1. Women Freelance Writers Typically Make Less Than Men Women Freelance Writers Often Second Guess or Don't Understand the Value of Their Work

8.2. I Enjoy Helping Others I Like to See Other People Reach Their Goals I Know What it's Like to Have Nothing I Know What it Takes to Build a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up

9. Who I Serve

9.1. Women Freelance Writers

9.1.1. Write Digital Content Stuck in the Content Mill/Bidding Site Rut Making less than $100k Per Year Have Little to No Processes in Place Feel Stuck and Frustrated Fed Up with Online Courses Full of Fluff Annoyed with Coaches Who Don't Fulfill Promises or Answer Questions Fully Tired of Making Little Money Stressed and Overworked Want to Learn How to Find and Land High-Paying Clients Want to Learn How to Market Themselves Online Want to Learn How to Leverage Social Media Want to Learn to Use Tools and Apps to Streamline Their Process