Marcus Invites Me to A Party

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Marcus Invites Me to A Party by Mind Map: Marcus Invites Me to A Party

1. I say no.

1.1. Marcus gets angry

1.1.1. Marcus vandalizes my house. Marcus goes to jail. We never talk again.

1.1.2. Marcus stops talking to me.

1.1.3. Marcus gets over it.

1.2. I spend the day by myself.

1.2.1. I do homework. I get good grades. I graduate I get a good job.

1.3. I hang out with some one else.

1.3.1. I have fun.

1.3.2. I make good decisions. I live a successful life

2. I say yes.

2.1. We go to the party

2.1.1. I drink. I do something stupid and get brain damage. My grades fall. I get caught. My high school sports career is terminated.

2.1.2. I have sex. I get a girl pregnant. I'm a father at age 16. I have to get a job in high school to support the baby. It forces me to drop out of highschool It ruins my running career. I get an STD. I die.

2.1.3. I experiment with a drug I develop an addiction. It causes family problems. I have to go to rehab. I overdose. I learn my lesson I don't do it ever again. I get caught. I'm banned from sports. I lose my parents trust.

2.1.4. I don't drink and I decide to ditch the party and go home. The party gets busted and everyone that was there gets arrested. I've learned a lesson and won't go to parties like that ever again. I make good decisions for the rest of my life.

3. New node