Elezandra calls and invites me to hang out.

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Elezandra calls and invites me to hang out. by Mind Map: Elezandra calls and invites me to hang out.

1. Yes

1.1. Movies

1.1.1. Showplace 16 Fast Five Thor

1.1.2. Showplace 12 The Hangover Pt. 2 Funny People

1.1.3. Portage IMAX Harry Potter 7 Thor in IMAX

1.2. Dinner

1.2.1. Olive Garden

1.2.2. Hard Rock Café

1.2.3. Texas Corral

1.3. Hang out at her house

1.3.1. Watch a movie Gulliver's Travels Inception

1.3.2. Relax

2. No

2.1. Stay home

2.1.1. Invite someone to hang out Catch a movie Bowling

2.1.2. Enjoy the time alone Listen to music Sleep

2.1.3. Do nothing

2.2. Hang with someone else

2.2.1. Call a friend inviting them over Yes No

2.2.2. Call a friend and ask if I can come over Yes No

2.2.3. Ask my brother if he wants to do something Yes No

2.3. Hang out by myself

2.3.1. Play XBOX Need for Speed Undercover Call of Duty Black Ops

2.3.2. Make CDs Metal Music Nerve-soothing music

2.3.3. Take time and think about things What if I said yes to Elezandra Think about my day

3. Made by: James Weisman