PMP Project Management

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PMP Project Management by Mind Map: PMP Project Management

1. comprehensive guide

1.1. Initiating

1.1.1. develop project charter sample project charter

1.1.2. develop preliminary project scope statement sample template

1.2. Planning

1.2.1. develop project management plan

1.2.2. scope planning

1.2.3. scope definition

1.2.4. create WBS

1.2.5. activities activity definition activity sequencing activity resource estimating activity duration estimating

1.2.6. schedule development

1.2.7. Cost Estimations

1.2.8. cost budgeting

1.2.9. quality planning

1.2.10. human resource planning

1.2.11. communications planning

1.2.12. risk management planning risk identification qualitative risk analysis quantitative risk analysis risk response planning

1.2.13. Plan Purchase and Acquisitions

1.2.14. Plan contracting

1.3. Executing

1.3.1. Direct and Manage project execution

1.3.2. perform quality assurance

1.3.3. acquire project team

1.3.4. develop project team

1.3.5. information distribution

1.3.6. request seller responses

1.3.7. select sellers

1.4. Monitoring and Control

1.4.1. Monitor and control project work

1.4.2. Integrated change control ensure that changes are beneficial determining whether a change has occurred managing the approved changes

1.4.3. scope verification objective sample template

1.4.4. scope control details

1.4.5. schedule control details activity sequencing Precedence diagramming Method Arrow diagramming method

1.4.6. cost control details Earned Value Method cost estimating cost and schedule variance

1.4.7. perform quality control details compliance with quality standards eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance

1.4.8. manage project team details provide feedback track member performance resolving issues coordinating changes

1.4.9. performance reporting details 5 phases of performance reporting

1.4.10. Manage stakeholders analyzing stakeholders RACI matrix

1.4.11. risk monitoring and control Risk Management Process identifying new risks monitoring residual risks track identified risks Risk Strategies

1.4.12. contract administration processs objectives process flow

1.5. Closing

1.5.1. close project

1.5.2. contract closure

2. Project Management Process Group

3. Knowledge Areas

3.1. Mgmt Process and Knowledge Areas

3.1.1. Project Integration Management

3.1.2. Project Time Management

3.1.3. Project Cost Management

3.1.4. Project Scope Management

3.1.5. Project Quality Management

3.1.6. Project Human Relations Management

3.1.7. Project Communications Management

3.1.8. Project Risk Management

3.1.9. Project Procurement Management

3.1.10. Project Stakeholder Management