Qualities of a good essay - starting thoughts/ideas

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Qualities of a good essay - starting thoughts/ideas by Mind Map: Qualities of a good essay - starting thoughts/ideas

1. back up

2. Structure

2.1. In order. Should not jump around.

2.2. An introduction and a conclusion! :D

2.2.1. Good!

2.3. Stick to the task/ question and not babble

2.4. Point evidence explanation

2.4.1. Great!

2.5. In paragraphs

2.6. P.E.E

2.6.1. Point, evidence, example Great!

2.7. Different sentence structures

2.7.1. Complex senten ces

2.8. Burger essay; a plain burger doesn't taste as good as one with lettuce, cheese and tomato!! ( the lettuce cheese and tomato is the evidence and explanation, the burger is the point and the bun is the reasoning and evaluation)

2.8.1. Great!

3. Analysis

3.1. Have evidence

3.1.1. use quotes in each paragraph - P.E.E

3.2. Shows facts and opinions, evaluating both sides of what u're writing about, or write about many aspects that are relative

3.2.1. Very Good!

4. Language

4.1. Different kinds of vocab!

4.2. Techniques like alliteration

4.2.1. Similies

4.2.2. metaphors

4.2.3. Repitition

4.2.4. Foreshadowing

4.2.5. Onomatepoeia

4.2.6. Personification

4.2.7. Analyse not use

4.3. varieties

4.4. show off your vocabulary

4.4.1. The more complex, and complicated, the better!

4.5. Appropriate

4.6. Grammar

4.7. Tense.

4.7.1. Stick to one particular tense

5. English Spelling

5.1. grammar

5.1.1. correct use of punctuation

5.1.2. First, second, third person. Stick to the chosen one. essays normally use 3rd person

6. Tense

6.1. stick with one tense

6.2. Use the correct tense, eg, use a present tense for A day in a life, or a diary, use past tense for stories or retelling things

6.2.1. Essays almost always use present tense

7. Interesting

7.1. Must be suitable for the reader

7.1.1. full stop

7.2. show dont tell

7.2.1. creative writing!

8. punctuation is as important as text!

9. Key

9.1. comment by Mr Parker

9.2. correction by Mr Parker