Ann Stewart

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Ann Stewart by Mind Map: Ann Stewart

1. How I can help

1.1. I can teach Kundalini yoga and meditation because I've been taught and have experienced it's effects.

1.2. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and can heal blockages in the body

1.3. I have knowledge about essential oils and can teach about it and create blends for clients to use

1.4. I can help people in the recovery process having gone through the 12 step recovery process myself. I understand addiction.

1.5. I have a strong spiritual practice and can teach others to create their own

1.6. I'm an eternal optimist that can guide and encourage others to stick to their practice

2. Unique Spin

2.1. I know and teach through my own life experience not just the theory

2.2. I make spiritual tools accessible and easy to understand and apply

2.3. I love sharing information and I'm invested in people making lasting changes that work

2.4. I'm practical and will teach you tools that are powerful and effective. You don't need therapy for the rest of your life

3. Who I serve

3.1. Business women running her own company, or working at a corporate, and caring mothers.

3.2. Stay at home mother

3.3. Humans in recovery

4. Why I care

4.1. I've hit rock bottom and know what it takes to make sobriety work

4.2. I love the feeling of helping others work through problems and seeing their lives flourish

4.3. I love helping women engage in practices & rituals that help them consciously choose their state of being.

4.4. I love teaching yoga nd meditation

4.5. I love practising energy work and seeing how it helps people heal

5. Who I love working with

5.1. Women who are open and teachable

5.2. Women who are ready, or curious, about committing to making lasting changes in their lives

5.3. People who are ready to take responsibility for their recovery

5.4. People who are seeking and on a spiritual journey

6. Personality/ things I like to do

6.1. Yoga, Prayer & meditation

6.2. Rituals like tea ceremony, sound journeys, Indian sweats.

6.3. Playing around with and mixing essential oils

6.4. Writing, speaking, connecting with people

6.5. Love the ocean, reading, the sun, my kids, good food, to DJ

7. Values/ Beliefs

7.1. Accessible information and guidance

7.2. Spiritual

7.3. Simple & effective tools to heal

7.4. Solutions driven

7.5. Practicle

7.6. Affordable but not cheap. Some work is done for free

8. Weaknesses

8.1. I'm a new brand that has to build its story

8.2. Live in a generation overwhelmed with rich media abundance

8.3. I can be impatient

8.4. I can feel shy at times. This limits me to reach a wider audience and sell my offering to people who need it

8.5. I have more than 1 focus and constantly has to give priority to one or the other

9. Strengths

9.1. Optimistic & loves people

9.2. Authentic & real

9.3. Project management skills

9.4. Strong spiritual practice

9.5. Recovery Advocate

9.6. Creative: lateral thinker

9.7. Non Judgemental