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Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Entrepreneurship
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Scarborough, Norman. Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 6th Ed. Prentice Hall, c. 2011

Business Model Designing

Why & How must a business create competitive advantage

Steps in the Strategic planning process

S-M-A-R-T goals & objectives

Basic strategies

Understand the importance of controls such as Balanced Scorecard in the planning process


Conducting Feasibility Analysis

Major components of Feasibility Analysis

Goal of feasibility analysis

Benefits of Preparing a Business Plan

Elements of a Business Plan

What the 5C of credit and their importance


Marketing Plan

Principles & Benefits of Building a Marketing Plan

How can a business pinpoint their target market

Discuss the role of market research

Outline the market research process

Sources to develop competitive edge

What the 4Ps of marketing & their role in a successful marketing strategy


Financial Plan

Importance of a Financial plan

Describe how to prepare & use the basic financial statements

Create projected financial statements

Categories of & understanding financial ratios

Break-even analysis


Financing Sources

Importance of planning for capital requirements

Equity vs. Debt Capital

Sources of Equity capital

"Going public"

Sources of Debt capital

Government loan programs

Internal financing sources


Venture Team Planning

Entrepreneur as Leader

Hiring the right employees

Company culture for retention

Management succession plan

Exit strategies



The Entrepreneurial Mind


Right Location

Pricing Strategies


Global Aspects

Buying a Business

Cash Flow Managing

Business Forms