Causes of WWI July 28, 1914 - November 11th, 1918

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Causes of WWI July 28, 1914 - November 11th, 1918 by Mind Map: Causes of WWI July 28, 1914 - November 11th, 1918

1. Think they have the right to invade other countries to take their sources and and set up colonies

2. Britain promises to protect Belgium’s neutrality

3. Boer War

4. Assassination of Franz Fernidand

4.1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated by Serbian Terrorist group “Black Hand”

4.2. Austria hates Serbia

4.3. Austria accuses Serbia of assassination and declares war

4.3.1. Russia supports Serbia (Alliances)

4.3.2. Germany joins in when Austria-Hungary gets upset (promised to help)

4.4. All of Europe is in war now

4.5. Serbia wants to be an independent pan-slavic nation

5. Imperialism

5.1. Boer War

5.1.1. Germany trying to get in on imperialism and build an empire too (cut out of imperial desires and cut out of Africa the last not taken place)

6. Alliances

6.1. Triple Entente: Russia, England and France

6.1.1. France is Germany's most dangerous enemy

6.1.2. France declares war on Germany Britain declares war on Germany

6.2. Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

7. Nationalism

7.1. Leaders saying there countries are better than the others

7.2. Shown thought literature, music and other ways

7.3. New weapons and war accessories

7.4. More people joined the military, army and navy.

8. Militarism

8.1. The idea that a country needs a strong military force to protect itself or to pursue imperialistic interests.

8.2. Most countries wanting a bigger empire than the others

8.3. Naval race and the development of the Dreadnought

8.3.1. Dreadnought-Britain advanced massive battle ship

8.4. Wanting big armies with big guns to protect themselves from other countries

9. The Spark

10. Habsburg Monarchy

10.1. Inbreeding

10.2. Bad leadership

10.2.1. Monarchs in Europe are Cousins: Wilhelm II, Kaiser of Germany George V, King of England Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia

10.3. Had relatives in power from 1279 - 1918

10.4. Double Monarchy

11. Germans

11.1. The Schlieffen Plan

11.1.1. Avoid a 2 front war against Russia and France

11.1.2. Plan to invade France and Belgium Led to a war

11.2. Starts opposing France and Britain

11.3. Thinks they are surrounded by enemies

11.4. Naval Crisis 1909

11.4.1. Build many warships

11.5. They relied heavily on military

11.6. Gets cut out of imperial desires in Africa

11.7. Jealous of other empires, like Britain, and made their army and empire bigger

11.8. Looking to build an empire like other European countries such as France, Britain and the Dutch.

11.9. Germany declares war on Russia

12. Balkans

12.1. Balkan Wars 1912 – 1913

12.2. 1912 defeated Ottoman

12.3. 1913 defeated Bulgaria

12.4. They caused a lot of tension

12.5. Large land between the four seas

12.6. Russia defends Serbia, declares war on AH

13. Helped countries get more power by having a bigger and more powerful military

14. Colonies support Britain by default

15. Japan declares war on Germany and goes to attack China

16. America is neutral