Katniss Everdeen Character Map

A character map for Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins.

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Katniss Everdeen Character Map by Mind Map: Katniss Everdeen Character Map

1. Background

1.1. District 12- coal mining district

1.2. Goes to school

1.3. Hunts illegally to take care of family

1.4. Doesn't like blood/medical stuff

2. Characteristics

2.1. Helpful

2.1.1. Uses hunting to support her family (p.XX)

2.2. Selfless

2.2.1. Takes Prim's place when she is selected for the games (p.XX)

2.3. Determined

2.3.1. Hunts even though it is illegal for survival (p.XX)

2.4. Grumpy

2.4.1. Talks negatively about the circumstances in District 12 (p.XX)

3. Looks

3.1. Dark hair

3.2. Grungy

3.3. Tall

3.4. New node

3.4.1. New node

4. Family

4.1. Sister - Prim

4.1.1. Younger, into medicinal herbs like mother

4.2. Mother

4.2.1. depressed after husband died

4.2.2. has medical knowledge of plants

4.3. Father

4.3.1. Died in a coal mining accident

5. Relationships