Mind Map Vocab Project

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Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Mind Map Vocab Project

1. Limiting Factors

1.1. Carrying Capacity

1.1.1. The limit to poulation.

2. Population

2.1. Population Growth

2.1.1. Exponential Growth J-Curve

2.1.2. Logistic Growth S-Curve

2.2. Black Plague

2.2.1. Industrial Revolution

2.3. Population Growth Rate

3. Water Pollution

3.1. Point Source

3.2. Non-Point Source

3.3. Aquifer

4. Food Webs

4.1. Level of Organization Pyramid

4.1.1. Organism The individual animal or plant that is living.

4.1.2. Population A particular section or group of a type of animal species.

4.1.3. Community A particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.

4.1.4. Ecosystem A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

4.1.5. Biome A large naturally occurring community occupying a major habitat.

4.1.6. Biosphere The regions of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the Earth.

4.2. Food Web

4.2.1. Food Chain Trophic Levels Producer Primary Consumer Secondary Consumer Tertiary Consumer

4.3. Biomes

4.3.1. Rainforest

4.3.2. Temperate Deciduous Forest

4.3.3. Coniferous Forest

4.3.4. Desert

4.3.5. Tundra

4.3.6. Grassland/Savannah

4.3.7. Freshwater Biome

5. Biotic/Abiotic Factors

5.1. Biotic Factors

5.1.1. Anything that is living.

5.2. Abiotic Factors

5.2.1. Anything that is nonliving in an ecosystem.

6. Biodiversity

6.1. Hot Spots

6.2. Ecological Succesion

6.3. Primary Succesion

6.3.1. Pioneer Species

6.4. Secondary Succesion

6.4.1. Climax Community