The Big History Project

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The Big History Project by Mind Map: The Big History Project

1. Big History

1.1. Source:TED

1.2. Source: George Mason University's History News Network

1.3. Source: Maps of Time Review

1.4. I will be using these three sources to talk about Big History itself. To tell what it is and to show just how new it is in the world.

2. David Christian

2.1. Source: "Case for Big History"

2.2. Source: Inspiring Naturalism

2.3. Source:

2.4. These three sources will be used to talk about David Christian. One of the people to start teaching Big History and one of the founders of the Big History Project.

3. Big History Project in the classroom

3.1. Source:

3.2. Source: Maps of Time

3.3. Source: Marnie Hughes-Warrington

3.4. Source: Ami Thompson

3.5. I will be using these sources to help me talk about the Big History Project itself. What exactly it is trying to do and what is taught in the classrooms themselves.