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Tedx by Mind Map: Tedx

1. Tan Le

1.1. Kineticubes

1.1.1. Art by thought

1.2. Eeg control interface

2. Gever Tulley

2.1. The World needs reckless curiosity

2.2. 50 dangerous things you should let your children do (boek)

2.3. School = cells & bells prison


3. Noam Persky

3.1. Progress is key to motivation

3.2. Use screen (iPad) as collaboration tool

4. Ed Baafi

4.1. Generation D

4.1.1. Diy Fablab Hackerspaces Makerbot Cfr. Apple I, made of wood.

4.1.2. Digital You will be illiterate if you can not do some programming Scratch Processing: programmatic art Physical programming (arduino)

4.1.3. Democracy Web:1995

4.2. [email protected]

5. Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald

5.1. Layar

5.1.1. Berlin wall layer

5.2. AR began with IBM in 1992

5.3. Lots of marketing

6. Mark Frauenfelder

6.1. Make mag

6.1.1. 126000 circulation

6.1.2. Young makers program

6.2. Schools train kids to be scholars

6.2.1. Young makers instead of scholars

6.3. A curriculum in a kite

6.4. Create public schools in public places

6.5. TechShops

7. Rodrigo Arboleda

7.1. OLPC

7.1.1. Uruguay All primary school schildren Doctor for president Urgency Epidemic

7.1.2. 2 mio devices delivered

7.1.3. MIT (seymour papert) 1967 A computer for every child? Robotics Invention System

8. Tehnolgy will save us

8.1. Producers instead of consumers

8.2. All tech is designed, so has artificial constraints & limits

8.3. Experiments in art and technology: group of artists

8.3.1. Lost faith in industry by the 70s

8.4. Planned obsolence transforms desire into need

8.4.1. E-waste

8.5. Physical space for workshops

8.5.1. Ie: hack a doorbell together with a deaf 87-year old

8.5.2. Learn to change a power plug

8.5.3. Hacker approach to life

9. Walter Bender

9.1. Olpc

9.1.1. Sugar OS Abacus Powerful way to understand counting Create own custom abacuses

9.1.2. Designed so kids can repair it themselves There's a yt video of a canadian 8yr old

9.2. Program or be programmed

9.2.1. 'There's an app for that'

9.2.2. Henry jenkins and the culture of the remix It's ok to appropriate ideas and change them

9.3. Computation should be on every child's low shelf

9.4. The world is not complete, and you can solve problems

9.5. Learning software should be incomplete (oss)

9.6. Sumerians invented base-12 (knuckles of one hand, minus thumb)

9.7. Presentation made in SugarOS

9.8. Technology is anything invented after you were born - Alan Kay

9.9. If you can't make mistakes in school, where can you make them.

10. Joris Peels

10.1. 3D printing

10.1.1. I.materialize

10.1.2. Unique objects Only one person has to like it Gps holder for bicycle

10.1.3. Let anyone make anything

10.1.4. Process doesn't scale well Still a lot of handwork Remove support material Can not be outsourced to China Expensive material Not suitable for large objects

10.1.5. Mass production Millions of copies Cheaper per item Never right for you Lots of things that suck = no real choice Standardized experience, etched by brands

10.1.6. Been around for 20 years

10.1.7. 3D tin: browser based software for kids to create 3D objects

10.2. We were all makers once, as kids

11. Gabe Zichermann

11.1. Gamification

11.1.1. Engage audience Collaborative play

11.1.2. In-dash fuel-saving games in cars

11.1.3. Sped limit lottery: drive below the speed limit and win the fines of the speeders

11.1.4. Rewards everywhere

11.2. Where in the world is carmen sandiego is the most amazing game ever made


11.4. Real world uninteresting?

11.5. Multilingual ppl perform better on standardized tests

11.6. Videogames are constant learning

11.6.1. Learning is multiplayer

11.7. Ananth Pai

11.7.1. Gamified learning

11.8. Get into the game with your kids

12. Mark Surman

12.1. Hackosaurus

12.2. Re-tinkerification of the web

12.3. Punk rock

12.3.1. Being in control

12.3.2. Making things Music Photocopy art

12.3.3. Learn to make an open-ended world

12.4. 2400 baud modem

12.4.1. Sound

12.4.2. Early Internet

12.4.3. First progressive news site in Canada

12.4.4. Clicking 'view source'

12.5. Tinkerification of learning has happened

12.5.1. Threats You can't view the source of the iPad Closedness of Facebook

12.5.2. Encourage kids to hack & tinker with the web The web is yours Teaching a hacker ethic

12.5.3. Take learning out of the Industrial Age

12.6. Scouts

12.6.1. 40 million kids

13. Alyson Shafer (report)

13.1. Add kids are the revolutionaries

13.2. We have the most bubble-wrapped generation of kids

13.3. Allowing kids to to

13.4. Kids & teachers as coproducers

13.5. Winning is having to stop. Cooperation is better.

13.6. Kids are mistake-phobic

13.7. 10000 hours to reach mastery, only those who toloerate mistakes can achieve it.

13.8. Move away from praise and move to encouragement

13.9. Be engaged in children's academic process, don't control it.

13.10. I have never met a child who didn't want to learn

13.11. Want to be ten again