The MindMeister API v1 is deprecated. Please use the latest API v2.


The MindMeister REST API consists of a set of callable methods and API endpoints. The arguments, responses, and error codes for each method are listed in the Methods section. Information on how to sign in with your app is listed in the Authentication section.

To perform an action using the MindMeister API, send a request (specifying a method and some parameters) to an API endpoint. A response will then be sent back to you.

  • All requests take a list of named parameters.
  • The required parameter method is used to specify the method to be called.
  • The required parameter api_key is used to specify Your API Keys.
  • The REST format is a simple XML-based protocol - it is a conventional HTTP GET or POST action.
  • The REST endpoint URL is

Alternatively, the endpoint is available over HTTPS at


To request the mm.test.echo service, you would invoke the following:

All responses are, by default, returned in a REST-friendly XML format. This includes a valid xml header (which is not shown in the examples):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Successful Response

                    <rsp stat="ok">

Failure Response

                        <rsp stat="fail">
                           <err code="112" msg="Method "mm.test.abracadarba" not found"/>

Next, find out how to perform authentication of your MindMeister application.



All strings are UTF-8 encoded.

Date and Time formats

All times are in UTC. The format is : YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Example: 2007-12-31 23:11:00

Importing Maps

The mm.maps.import request must be a multipart mixed post and the file content is NOT part of the needed signature. This call can not be tested via the method explorer (as it uses HTTP GET).

Exporting Maps

The mm.maps.export request returns a list of URLs for exporting the maps in different formats. Please note that if you want to export a private map you must then sign and auth the call as well to get the the maps.

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