The use of Indefinite Articles A/AN

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The use of Indefinite Articles A/AN por Mind Map: The use of Indefinite Articles A/AN

1. Exceptions: we use “a” before words that start with letters “u” o “eu” when those are pronouns as figure sound “yu”. Examples: a university(una universidad) a euro(un euro)

2. “A” is used before consonant sounds. Examples: a book(un libro) a pen(un bolígrafo)

3. “An” is used before vowel sounds. Examples: an animal (un animal) an ice cream (un helado)

4. Exceptions:“An” is used with words that start for “h”, but only when this letter is not pronounced. Examples: an hour(una hora) a hospital(un hospital)

5. The meaning of “a” or “an” is the same is used to refer thing or someone in singular from. we can´t use them in plural form.