Lengua Extranjera Inglés

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Lengua Extranjera Inglés por Mind Map: Lengua Extranjera Inglés

1. Enable students to describe people and animals by making reference to their physical appearance, (in)abilities and habits/routines.

2. Unit 3: Hobbies, Leisure and Sport

2.1. 3.2. Inviting and responding to invitations

2.2. 3.1. Expressing preferences, likes and dislikes

3. 1st Grade

3.1. Purposes

3.1.1. * Acquires Vocabulary * Become familiar with a variety of oral and written texts *Recognise similarities and differences between their mother tongue and the foreign language.

3.2. Introduction: Classroom Language

3.2.1. I.1. Greeting people and responding to greetings

3.2.2. I.2. Communicating in the classroom Sample productions: Instructions: Open

3.2.3. I.3. Maintaining communication in or out of the classroom

3.3. Unit 1. Personal Identifi cation

3.3.1. 1.1. Introducing oneself and other people

3.3.2. 1.2. Asking for and giving personal details

3.4. Unit 2: Actions in Progress

3.4.1. 2.1. Asking and answering questions about personal possessions

3.4.2. 2.2. Describing what people are wearing and/or doing at the moment of speaking

3.5. Unit 4: Daily Life

3.5.1. 4.1. Asking and telling the time

3.5.2. 4.2. Asking for and giving information about everyday activities

3.6. Unit 5: Places and Buildings

3.6.1. 5.1. Giving simple information about places

3.6.2. 5.2. Asking the way and giving directions

4. 2nd Grade

4.1. Purposes

4.2. Unit 1: People and Animals

4.2.1. 1.1. Expressing (in)ability in the present

4.2.2. 1.2. Describing people and animals

4.2.3. Unit Purpose

4.3. Unit 2: Health and the Body

4.3.1. 2.1. Discussing the body and one’s health

4.3.2. 2.2. Giving advice

4.3.3. 2.3. Making and answering offers and suggestions

4.3.4. Unit Purpose Enable students to give advice and make suggestions around the topic of health.

4.4. Unit 3: Shopping and Clothes

4.4.1. 3.1. Making comparisons/expressing degrees of difference

4.4.2. 3.2. Buying and selling things.

4.4.3. Unit Purpose Enable students to participate in conversations in which they compare, buy or sell a variety of items.

4.5. Unit 4: House and Home

4.5.1. 4.1. Describing accommodation

4.5.2. Unit Purpose Enable students to describe their homes and learn about other people’s homes.

4.6. Unit 5: Past Times

4.6.1. 5.1. Expressing ability and inability in the past

4.6.2. 5.2. Expressing past events

4.6.3. Consolidate the basic vocabular Recognise a variety of oral and written texts Use their limited knowledge of the language creatively

4.6.4. Unit Purpose Enable students to describe past events in their life and that of others

5. 3rd Grade

5.1. Purposes

5.2. Unit 1: Memories

5.2.1. Communicate in English in the foreign language classroom Broaden their knowledge of the language Participate effectively in oral and/or written social interaction

5.2.2. Unit Purpose Enable students to discuss their memories and describe actions that happened when other actions were in progress

5.2.3. 1.1. Asking for and giving information about past memories

5.2.4. 1.2. Describing what people were doing at a certain moment in the past

5.3. Unit 2: Rules and Regulations

5.3.1. Unit Purpose Enable students to interpret and discuss rules and regulations and warning signs/notices, as well as to express obligation.

5.3.2. 2.1. Giving warnings and stating prohibition

5.3.3. 2.2. Expressing obligation

5.4. Unit 3: Food and Drink

5.4.1. Unit Purpose Enable students to participate in conversations in which food and drink are ordered, as well as to describe food and drink that they know/like and their recipes, and learn about food and drink in other parts of the world.

5.4.2. 3.1. Ordering meals

5.4.3. 3.2. Discussing food and giving recipes

5.5. Unit 4: Planning Holidays

5.5.1. Unit Purpose Enable students to describe and discuss future plans in the context of holidays and travel.

5.5.2. 4.1. Asking for and giving travel information

5.5.3. 4.2. Talking about future plans

5.6. Unit 5: Life in the Future

5.6.1. Unit Purpose Enable students to make predictions about their life in the future

5.6.2. 5.1. Making predictions about the future

5.6.3. 5.2. Expressing degrees of certainty and doubt