My Family and Friends

This Mind Map is about my Family and Friends

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My Family and Friends por Mind Map: My Family and Friends

1. Carmy Kay Alano Idul - She is my Mother

1.1. My Mother live with my father in marshal island

1.1.1. She's working in a company as

1.2. Age: 37

2. Christopher Gracia Idul - He is my Father

2.1. My Father live with my mother in marshal Island

2.1.1. He is a Engeener

2.2. His mother's name is Violeta Garcia Idul

2.2.1. His father's name is Cresencio Idul

3. Christopher Kyle Alano Idul - He is my older Brother

3.1. He is my ugly brother with crazy face and nose

3.1.1. He graduate in Lyceum Of The Philippines University in Cavite

3.2. Age: 19

3.2.1. Birthday: August 27, 1999 Gender: Male

4. Carl Ken Alano Idul - He is my younger Brother

4.1. He is a human skeleton with ugly face and no brain

4.1.1. He graduate in Oxford Louise Academy of Dasma, Inc.

4.2. Age: 16

4.2.1. Birthday: July 16, 2002 Gender: Male

5. Suzanne Ann Nationales Sanares - She is My GirlFriend and Future Wife and My Bestfriend

5.1. She is Crazy but kind and she is Cute, Beautiful, Sexy and she is friendly.

5.1.1. I’m currently enrolled at Lyceum of The Philippines University in Cavite

5.2. Age: 18

5.2.1. Birthday: October 2, 2000 Gender: Female

6. Chantal Kim Alano Idul - This is me

6.1. I’m currently enrolled at Lyceum of The Philippines University in Cavite

6.1.1. My Hobby is Computer Games, Basketball, Eating, and Sleeping.

6.2. Age: 18

6.2.1. Birthday: October 31, 2000 Gender: Male

7. Ermelina Ramires Alano - She is my Grandmother

7.1. She is Kind, Helpful good at Cooking and Shy type soometimes.