About the college course Multi-Media Arts

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1. A degree program designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in multimedia design and development.

2. The AB MMA program covers core skills in communications, programming and graphic design, combined with digital media and the internet.

3. Elective subjects like photojournalism, radio and television production techniques, online multimedia journalism, principles and practices and organizational communication may also be integrated in the curriculum for some schools.

4. A graduate of AB in Multimedia Arts will most likely be employed in the graphic design, multimedia, advertising and animation fields.

4.1. Designing computer-based,

4.2. Web-based, or multimedia-based layout,

4.3. graphics,

4.4. animation,

4.5. video,

4.6. sound and/or content for use in presentations,

4.7. video productions,

4.8. multimedia programs,

4.9. Web sites,

4.10. CDs, DVDs, emails, and other electronic media

4.11. Creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional images

4.12. Working with client to compile specifications

4.13. Conceptualizing and drawing out sketches

4.14. Assembling, typesetting, scanning and producing digital art

4.15. Developing layout designs

4.16. Collaborating with commercial printers regarding format and print specification

4.17. Providing technical consultation

4.18. Creating and installing special effects

4.19. Producing multimedia campaigns

5. It is a mix of IT and audio visual arts and offers students course cycles in computer graphics, 2D and 3D animation, video production and digital photography, digital sound engineering, and game authoring.

6. The AB MMA curriculum contains both General education subjects (English, Math, Filipino, Social Sciences and Humanities) and Professional subjects.

6.1. Basic drafting for multimedia arts

6.2. Broadcasting principles and practices

6.3. 2D graphics and 2D animation

6.4. 3D graphics and 3D animation

6.5. Advertising Principles and Practices

6.6. Video Editing and Production

6.7. Communication Media Laws and Ethics

6.8. Media Management and Entrepreneurship

7. Examples of Professional subjects include: Basic drafting for multimedia arts Broadcasting principles and practices 2D graphics and 2D animation 3D graphics and 3D animation Advertising Principles and Practices Video Editing and Production Communication Media Laws and Ethics Media Management and Entrepreneurship