Iberian Peninsula in Ancient History

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Iberian Peninsula in Ancient History por Mind Map: Iberian Peninsula in Ancient  History

1. Pre-Roman Times

1.1. The Celts

1.1.1. Lived in the northern and central part

1.1.2. Lived in circular walled villages called Forts

1.1.3. Herders and Farmers

1.1.4. Warriors (fighters)

1.1.5. Used metal objects Bronze Iron Weapons tools Jewellery

1.1.6. Did not know To write Money Did not trade with others

1.2. The Iberians

1.2.1. Lived in the southern and eastern part

1.2.2. Farmers and herders

1.2.3. Craftsmen Invented the potter`s wheel

1.2.4. Lived in walled villages

1.2.5. Knew Writing Money (Coins)

1.2.6. Traded with other Mediterranean people

2. The Romans

2.1. The Conquest

2.1.1. 218 BC

2.1.2. Took 200 years Three phases Mediterranean Sea Meseta Cantabrian coast

2.1.3. 19 AD

2.2. Romanization

2.2.1. Hispania

2.2.2. The Iberians and Celts adopted: Language Latin Laws Customs

2.3. Roman Cities

2.3.1. Walled

2.3.2. Had a central square: Forum government buildings temples shops

2.3.3. Public buildings Baths Theatres Amphitheatres Circus Aqueduct Triumphal arch Temple