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1. 1. Communicate

1.1. Communication can make or break you as a manager. Communicate early and often. #justsayit

1.2. Talk about roles, responsibilities, expectations, and PUSH goals. Don't assume anything. #loudandclear #hairy

1.3. Deliver feedback - the good, bad and ugly - to help people grow and develop. Be direct and sincere. #youcandoit

2. 2. Own It

2.1. Hold yourself accountable for your work and your team's performance. What can YOU do to improve results? #level5leader #ownership

2.2. Have the confidence to make decisions. Don't be afraid of mistakes. Failure is on the road to succeeding. #dontstopbelieving #zappos

2.3. Do what you say you're going to do. #seriously

2.4. Orchestrate success for your team. Unify your group, set the tempo, execute, and shape. Lead the way. #sprints #boggle #listen

3. 3. Navigate

3.1. Management is a whole new world. Explore, discover, and try out new things. Lead your team toward success. #belikesacagawea

3.2. Work your way through tough situations by serving as an open and hopeful leader. Know what level of transparency is needed. #churchill

3.3. Understand the unique communication styles on your team. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. #businessgoldenrule #seinfeld

4. 4. Negotiate

4.1. Negotiation isn't just about money. You negotiate every day - selling ideas, influencing decisions, and working through perspectives. #fun

4.2. Stand up for your perspective when needed. Listen first and know your value proposition. #momcannothelp

4.3. "If you have enough of a relationship & sense of what is important to other, you can play with the puzzle & find a way to agree." #wellsaid

5. 5. Engage

5.1. An engaged and empowered team will go above and beyond for you and your organization. Help them see how they make difference. #inspire

5.2. There are so many options for recognising your team! Praise, flexibility, visibility, responsibility, autonomy and more! #byob #thankyou

5.3. It's not all work and no play. Build in some fun to keep up the positive energy and high team morale. #marshmallowdodgeball

5.4. Recognise, appreciate, empower, challenge, and engage to feed positive resultas and passionate people. #hungry #momentum

6. 6. Collaborate

6.1. A strong team is powerful. Moving. Resilient, Seemingly unstoppable. You can build it, but it takes hard work & discipline. #collaborate

6.2. Watch the fine line between friend and manager. You can be friendly without being a friend. Maintain your level of influence. #noBFFs

6.3. Collaborate and work together - but take action. Lead productive meetings. Just do it. Just say it. Just decide. #productivity #chalant

6.4. Make a difference in your company culture and your community. be the change you want to see. #gandhi #challenge

7. 7. Teach

7.1. Be like Mrs. Stanley. Take the time to teach. Give your people a push, a leg up, an insight, a new perspective - just because. #noble

7.2. Delegate responsibility to empower your team. It's about letting go. "Things do not grow in the shadow of great trees." #whoisconstantin?

7.3. Help your employees see what they can't see in themselves. Mentor, coach, and expect greatness. #usherandbieber