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Present perfect por Mind Map: Present perfect

1. Gramatical rules

1.1. Auxiliar "To have" + Past participle of the verbs.

1.2. Afirmative sentences

1.2.1. Subject + auxiliar "To have" + verb in past participle...

1.3. Negative sentences

1.3.1. Subject + auxiliar "To have" + Not + verb in past participle...

1.4. Interrogative sentences

1.4.1. Verb auxiliar "To have" + Subject + Verb in past participle ... ?

2. Uses

2.1. To describe and experience

2.1.1. We have learned from many teachers.

2.2. For a change in time

2.2.1. Our English level has improved a lot this last year.

2.3. For successes or achievements

2.3.1. We have managed to finish the work on time

2.4. For the actions that have not happened yet

2.4.1. Our degree project has not yet started.

2.5. To talk about actions at different times in the past

2.5.1. I have explained this several times but have not yet managed to understand

2.6. For situations that have started in the past but continue in the present.

2.6.1. We have been in Utopia for two years

3. Luis Eduardo Ruíz Marín